What you need to know about the American visa lottery registration

American is currently a sort after country when it comes to high demands of people trying to secure visas into this country. The challenge now is that due to this fierce competition to secure visas into the united states the ropes have gotten tighter and only the very qualified get in. Now one easy way to best the long process or waiting and interviews are through the American Visa lottery registration. This guide is designed to provide enough information for you as regards the American visa lottery registration.

Truth be told, the only possible way for an American visa lottery registration to take place is if you apply through the department of state website. American visa registration and application is free so you need to watch out for agencies which may try to cheat you or deceive you into paying for this registration.

Once your American visa lottery registration has been completed, your entry will be received and a confirmation will be displayed for you on the screen which contains your number together with a confirmation code. These two are very important as they serve as an identification that this individual applied for the American visa by means of the lottery. It is important that you endeavor not to lose them. The confirmation code is a sign that your confirmation was done by you and that you are not a fraudster posing as someone who participated in the lottery. It is important that when the display with your name and confirmation code appear on the screen that you print it out and save it as part of your records in case you win. This confirmation code is very important because you need it to check your online status when it is sent to you. This confirmation number helps you to know when you have been selected in the lottery.  The only other way you might know is via an official letter from the post. This shows just how important the confirmation number is. It is important for you to note that a list of the winner after the completion of  American visa lottery registration is not posted or sent to the embassy of that country. It is really not their business to keep winners. So it is important to check with your confirmation number or wait for an official letter post from the agency

Indeed we have seen what you should watch out for before and after your American visa lottery registration. It is important that you pay close attention to this.

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