I will never buy another Smeg appliance. I've bough a lot of kettles over the years. Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machines. The form will not accept the serial number on my toaster so I cannot proceed. Test score % Reviewed Apr 2018. 1000s of products online. These reviews are doing you no good...wish I had seen them first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the quality??? This painted steel jug kettle … I bought a SMEG range cooker with induction hob in April 2018. Smeg Kettle - what do you get for a £150 kettle? Now it only part lights up inside. If you look at how the trays are alined and the lights, the trays hit the light and rub on the enamel of the oven....poor design and frankly shocking. Three years later in household of two people, the hinge had gone from not right to completely broken and inoperable. On average, a new Smeg kettle costs £107 and 80% of Smeg kettles are priced between £89 and £119. So the polite suggestion below that I contact them is, with all due respect, not worth the electronic ink with which it is written. Try Which? A dangerous appliance that I am unable to fix myself and which the Smeg engineer has refused to fix. I wanted to share and let others know about this normal clicking noise before others spent top dollar on supposedly “premium” Smeg products. The engineer and I were shocked and appalled that a premium oven that is 3 years old has corroded so badly that it will soon be a "write off". Show only products that score at least4 out of 5in our tests for: Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Check out our kettle buying advice for advice on features and choosing the right kettle for you. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Smeg Blender Spares. £160.00. 4. failure of the enamel is "cosmetic" & it will cost £90+VAT for labour to get this fixed. Smeg is represented in many countries/regions with its own subsidiaries and importers. These are my first Smeg products I have ever owned, and I love the way they look. Smeg’s KLF04 Variable Temperature Kettle is part of the company’s range of high-end appliances. The SMEG toaster comes in 3 main models: the TSF01, the TSF02, and the TSF03.. to unlock our reviews. The SMEG TSF03 is a 4-slice toaster.. To their credit they did replace the kettle with a little cajoling. Smeg reputation for making high-quality design products continues to grow worldwide, with both large and small domestic appliances winning several prominent design awards. After investigating the matter with assistance from Smeg, it was concluded that the main seal was the issue. Contacted SMEG who say this is "cosmetic" so not covered by warranty. Next day delivery and free returns to store. we had 2 replacements as the origional and next didnt work correctly. Another three weeks wait for it to be repaired. The 3000 W power capacity in this quiet electric kettle makes sure you can rapidly boil water for utmost efficiency, while a 1 7l capacity boils up to seven cups at once. Smeg KLF04 kettle summary. Assumed it was faulty so spoke to Smeg. Tested October 2019. I was told SMEG error codes begin with an "E" and they can't help further. I just want them to work as well as they look. I will NEVER buy a smeg product again. I write this after attempting to use the smeg customer service links and discussing with an agent. This is their product. Look amazing!! Find out more Contacts Smeg in the World Subscribe to the newsletter. Faulty 2 slice toaster...very poor performance, Dangerous, rusting Smeg range cooker, Smeg refusing to rectify. With anti-slip feet and a concealed heating element, SMEG kettles are designed with safety in mind too, which is perfect if you have curious little ones at home. Will go back to Rangemaster next time.UPDATE: Note that SMEG respond to all Trustpilot comments with "click the link & we will resolve your issue" - I have already been speaking to SMEG product support - their response is as noted above - i.e. After many emails back and forth with Smeg, asking what I had cleaned it with, wanting photos and the engineers report this is their come back:"you would have noticed this a lot sooner after purchasing...........we believe this is a cosmetic issue with using too much water either when cleaning or cooking with lots of water heavy foods. After discussions with Appliance City I had a Bertazzoni MAS90-5-MFE-S-XE delivered within two days and the latest faulty Smeg item taken away, never to be considered again. Now recently I have developed issues with my kettle too. Now (Nov 20) the enamel on the oven doors is flaking away & rusting. Service Failure 2.I then contacted SMEG customer support to say c'mon that's crazy - please tell me what the message "Pu26 Du11" means. The engineer took photographs, logged the serial number and model of my oven, he then advised that I raised my concerns with Smeg. Can't tell you how disappointed we are with our FAB32 fridge freezer. Smeg Citrus Juicer Spares. It worked for about 6-7 months and the temperature issues have began. One of the best quiet kettles, electric built with great design, is the Quiet Mark affirmed Bottega kettle by Tower. Read the full De'Longhi KBLA3001.R Active Line Kettle review. View retailers > Compare. I use the variable temperature a lot and have noticed in the last couple weeks that it will start to heat up, and then sound like it is taking a break and then start to heat up again. They tell me that it is “normal” as the oven is trying to keep temperature. I literally have no option but to constantly vacuum the kitchen for fear one of use might tread on or eat the glass.Smegs response has been shoddy from the start. The Bertazzoni was fitted in minutes and works like a dream. Following lengthy phonecalls, letters, and getting the retailer involved, they reluctantly agreed. A stainless steel body means it's sturdy and durable too. In the mean time it’s been 2 weeks now that I keep my baby’s milk in the shed to make sure that foxes don’t get to it and constantly worry about it going off an causing my 3 young children a food poisoning. Purchased a large American size fridge (not cheap!). Further investigation by my fitter uncovered the fact that a switch, which tells the oven that the door is closed, had not been fitted to the appliance. Smeg UK customer services remain utterly silent. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I had a new kettle bought for me as a Christmas gift 2019 that was registered on Christmas Day. The Smeg kettle range doesn’t disappoint, offering up bold colours, futuristic functionality and a truly contemporary look for the home of today. Smeg KLF04CRUK Variable Temp Kettle. It does not. Just over 2 years later, it developed an electrical fault - nothing worked - totally ruining a family dinner. It was quickly replaced which stopped the leaking.Smeg have however refused to compensate me for the damaged floor, claiming the seal is designed to stop heat escaping, not stop cooking residue leaking.I am now left with a £200 bill to replace my floor.By replacing the seal which solved the problem, Smeg are admitting it was faulty regardless of the intended function of the seal.Will not purchase from Smeg again until this is resolved. I didn't take them up on their offer right away, so 6 weeks later when I asked again, they punished me by asking for £65 - a 25% fine for not accepting their ridiculous offer right away.If you are going to charge £150 for a kettle, it should do more than look nice, it should be well built and last. But the good news is that there are some seriosly good products around that do this, from reputable brands. Appliance City were magnificent and had me a second cooker delivered (a different model,SUK91MFX9, as they had no further stock of the first model) within three days. Unlike a lot of other smart home products, the market isn’t exactly flooded with smart kettles at the time of writing this guide. Genius. Think again and buy something else! Kettles. ... www.smegspares.co.uk 2020. This is not safe, particularly when you have children and pets in the home.For reasons that are not clear, Smeg initially refused to replace the glass door. After several calls to customer service, they've agreed to replace the door skins as "goodwill" but I need to pay £90+VAT for an engineer to do the work.In the meantime, the clip holding up the grill element has disintegrated so needs a warranty call from an engineer to fix (it appears that the screw holding the clip into the grill casing has badly rusted - looking at other reviews, the SMEG ovens are prone to rust)In everyday use, the oven cooks unevenly; the "easy clean" process (put detergent in the oven & put water in the base to evaporate & dissolve the grease) doesn't work. Now live without any fridge freezer, while Smeg are considering the engineer’s report. I bought a Smeg range cooker from AO and within a couple of weeks the oven had started to leak cooking residue from the main oven onto our new oak floor. Buying a SMEG cooker? It’s fine to start with but after an hour the clicking really grates! It looks great. Had a new Smeg range cooker installed in May 2020. However, despite expressly asking, their engineer refused to remove the glass that's lodged in the underside of the appliance so it keeps dropping glass on the floor.I even tried to resolve the issue myself and spoke to Smeg to find out how I go about dismantling my cooker to retrieve the glass, but they told me that an engineer would need to do it.So here I am. Smeg were quick to point out that the official warranty period had passed and demanded a great kettle price - £52 - to replace it. Smeg’s 1.7-liter tea kettle, which retails for around $200, averages three out of five stars on Amazon, with dozens of negative reviews complaining of poor durability, slow boil times, and broken parts. This is not over and shocking for a product cost £2000. The next time I spend several thousand pounds on a kitchen appliance refit it will not be with SMEG. Upon the engineer's inspection, it became apparent that there was vast corrosion behind the metal plate and in the lining of the oven. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. I accept the privacy policy. It took 3 weeks for it to be repaired. The telescopic runners jammed and rusted, causing the ball bearings to jam and pop out when pushed. So we buy these beuatiful products but they are only worth £0.00 to us as they fail so quickly. members, First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time. back to menu. Now the kettle is out of warranty, but all of the problems still continue. Faulty cooker caused damage - No compensation! We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. I was told to wait for about 3 month for a replacement if I want one! Smeg Spares & … so I had to replace these at £65. Smeg Hand Blender Spares. Ours did the same and we had to buy a new one. Smeg KLF04 Variable Temperature Kettle – best retro-style kettle Don’t let the fun candy colours and retro design of this kettle deceive you – it’s deadly serious about boiling. For something with added features, look out for a SMEG Variable Temperature Kettle. The Smeg Jug Kettle is the perfect kettle for a stylish home. Wish I had read these prior to purchase. The light bulb keeps blowing and the oven heats unevenly.Having had the appliance for 3 years; I had noticed that the screws holding the element in the main oven were coming loose and proceeded to fallout whilst cleaning. Practicality, technology and design are combined to create statement pieces in sleek shapes and bold colours. I lost at least £200 worth of food. Eventually a service engineer has written it off. Very very sad buying a full range of their product. Surely I should be able to remove the shelves from my cooker without worrying about damage to the enamel. I just recently bought a new Smeg electric single oven. I shudder to think what the rest of their range must be like. Considering that we are going through a Pandemic, today I contacted SMEG online regarding a faulty Kettle that was thankfully still within Warranty. Who could ever imagine that a cooker would ever be exposed to steam... Not six weeks later, it packed up again. You successfully subscribed to the newsletter! So not only I have this problem to deal with I am expected to take further time off work to try and dispose of temporary appliance I have no storage for. Spent over 5 hours waiting on line over the space of one week, trying to get the problem resolved. This Smeg kettle has a gloss finish look and holds up to 1.7 litres worth of water (around seven cups). The model we tested was a strawberry ice cream colour, also available in a range of other shades. The cheapest Smeg kettle that we found is the Smeg KLF01 at only £89, and the most expensive is the Smeg … “The inside (fluoride teflon?) £140 of professional fitter’s costs were wasted on Smeg, whose manufacturing standards are way, way below their pricing but, to be honest, it was probably a price worth paying to avoid this terrible brand and the future problems that these poorly manufactured products were likely to give. I had bought a smeg toaster and kettle set which in the beginning looked and worked really great. 95 £137.10 £137.10 Bought a SMEG TRP4110P1 range cooker in Feb 2019.

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