We will be Focusing on Posting Epic Clips/Moments of your favorite Streamers. Posted by. Okay, so I love Meta Knight. Ultimate. ... Look at all these idiots saying Ultimate is just a port of Smash 4 when it's really a port of Brawl. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Mark my words: Meta Knight is going to get BUFFED. Kirby's trademark skill is to inhale enemies and adopt a number of their abilities. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Best Match. Ultimate. Loading... Unsubscribe from ZeRo? His moveset appears to be the same … Meta Knight's greatest asset is his remarkable frame data. And don't even get me started on how powerful those moves are! The Combo Cannon is a weapon onboard the Halberd. Meta Knight is a member of the Kirby universe, which was created by Sakurai and has long been part of a running joke that states he favors these characters over other fighters. Lacks a meteor smash 1. Meta Knight will swing his sword in a powerful slash above him three times. 7 Rating. Meta Knight is a small character, roughly the same size and shape as Kirby, and with the same weight as Pikachu. spoiler. Ultimate Meta Knight is a returning fighter in Super Smash Bros. I love Kirby games, but I have always LOVED playing as Meta Knight in Kirby games, mostly because he is much faster than Kirby and he is just plain awesome! The direction in which Met… Be sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications !~ At 1437 Ultimate. It's a boss in the Revenge of Meta Knight chapter of Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, the latter of which renamed the cannon \"Main Cannon #2.\"The Combo Cannon is one of the main hazards of the Halberd stage in Brawl. Meta Knight wants to become the galaxy's greatest warrior, so in order to do so, he embarks on a long quest through Dream Land until he reaches the Halberd (Revenge of Meta Knight), and eventually flies into space and visits some of the other planets in the galaxy (Milky Way Wishes), with the intent of reviving the destroyed Nova. ... Meta Knight SSBU-1.004. ... Abadango (Meta Knight) - Top 48 - Frostbite 2019 - Duration: 26:51. For Super Smash Bros. The speed, range, and power of this move, as well as its follow-up potential, makes it one of Meta Knight's best KO moves. The Meta Knight that debuted in Super Smash Bros. Brawl was on a power level few characters had ever flirted with in the series prior to him. 1.1k. When activated, Meta Knight spins at high speed and surrounds himself in a dense yellow tornado that covers a majority of him for a set period of time, which can be extended by mashing the special button; mashing also causes Meta Knight to rise up vertically. Alternatively, see which of your character's moves are safe on shield (unpunishable). Eventually, he finds the Seven Stars from the other planets, and uses them to resurrect and summon the mechanical comet. It comes with a beam cannon, a cannon that shoots cannonballs, and a large mechanical arm. Most Valuable Gaming 48,340 views. Archived. His side tilt is good for racking up damage and … 8 FRAME D SMASH AND U SMASH! His up tilt is another anti-air attack and can be used in some low % combos. Meta Knight - Kirby - [27] Meta Knight is a mysterious masked swordsman with highly ambiguous motives. This page explains how to successfully counterpick the champion meta_knight in the game Super Smash Bros. When you use meta knight you don’t want to use the same recovery option because all of meta knight’s special moves are a recovery tool.Or don’t use them. Almost all of his moves have little startup and endlag. As a mechanic, copying lends itself… After using the move, whether the attack is performed or not, he falls helpless. Lucina - 4.1 Vote for tiers. Ultimate tier match ups. Meta Knight's Super Smash Bros. Most Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. 13 FRAME F SMASH! 1. 1. 12 FRAME BACK AIR! Ultimate Granblue Fantasy: ... View all moves. Meta Knight still has insane ladder combos, Tornado buffed with significant horizontal knockback. Street Fighter 5 Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Smash Bros. However, due to Meta Knight being left helpless, it is highly punishable if whiffed. If either attack button is held as Meta Knight reappears, he will suddenly strike with an outwards slash. He also boasts the sixth fastest dash speed, a fast walking speed, and average falling speed, though his air speed is very low, tied for the third worst. When the move is used, Meta Knight becomes invisible, teleports a short distance in any held direction (or remains stationary if no directional input is made), and then quickly reappears. Attacks Hitbox Active FAF Base Dmg. ". If he hits an opponent, he multiplies himself to attack and launch the opponent. More vertical distance is gained if the player sim… All special moves leave him helpless, making them dangerous to use haphazardly off-stage or near an edge 1. If no one is hit, the move won't do anything. 0 Tips. He then swoops downward and rises upward in a fast loop, slashing a second time during the ascent. Meta Knight raises his sword, emitting a blast of electricity. After this, the third hit will ensure that enemies are sent flying in the air. Backward air attack. Drill … While invisible, he is intangiblefor a short time. Ultimate rely on their elemental moves and other powers, which means that Sirfetch’d is arguably an even better fit … The best example is in his up aerial, which can be performed th… Meta Knight is BACK in Smash Ultimate ZeRo. Meta Knight jumps high into the air, slashing with Galaxia pointed upwards. So I thought to myself today: maybe I should seriously try to learn him in P:M. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Meta Knight Guide discusses everything about him including move list, combos, recoveries, spirits, changes, and tips. It is a three hit combo attack and enemies are launched above Meta Knight in the air. Few reliable kill moves that can kill early, with the only one being his forward smash which is among his slowest attacks 1. If enemies are hit with the first two hits, they will be stuck in place. Angle BKB/FKB KBG Landing Lag Autocancel; Nair Ultimate. Meta Knight's tilts are pretty good. Get out of shield punishes for all moves and matchups in Smash Ultimate. Close. Ganondorf - 6.0 Worst Match. Lightweight, making him easy to K.O. Looks like Steve is Smash Ultimate's Bayonetta/Meta Knight… but seriously, take a look at his frame data! 1 year ago. Ultimate. 27: Meta Knight – Super Smash Bros. In return, Nova grants Meta Knight's wish to "fight the gre… His spike is about FRAME 10! Buff Falco.

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