Let’s make the golf hole 56″ in diameter and install nets along the side of each fairway (kinda like bowling with gutter guards). None was NFL legal. Golf might be incrementally easier if you hit a driver 250 vs 230, but it’s still going to be hard – no club will fix a poor ball strike or poor swing mechanics. time to play again. The promise of a better game that they will eventually find out is a lie. Basically it’s guys like us (avid golfers) speculating on what it will take to bring new golfers to the game. The challenge is part of the fun, right? They sell for $29.99. That’s not the same as making it easy. Golf bags have several pockets designed for carrying various equipment and supplies required over the course of a round of golf. So now I am in the rough or worse, just a few yards closer to the green. Sort of like the Frisbee golf people. Get golf equipment insurance up to £5,000 with Golf Care today for total peace of mind! I know that anymore the specifications on determining the legality of golf balls is pretty much standard and understood across the board, but I wonder if there are in fact places where you can use a ball that may be deemed illegal by the USGA or other governing golf bodies of the world that decide these things. It’s more a matter of being on the fairway. Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. The penalty for knowingly cheating on the PGA Tour is banishment for life and that is definitely something that a golf pro is not going to risk. Just asking. In fact, a person with a USRGA handicap can play against a person with a USGA handicap, each plays to his rules and they play off their handicaps. Nobody has even said anything about NC irons… that seems like a disaster waiting to happen because. I would compare the average duffer using a NC driver to the person who can average 260+ on their drives that won’t play from the back tees. The golfers who play according to the USRGA rules can have a USRGA handicap. If non-conforming is 10 yards…probably not. Personally I support Bifurcation. Because golf is a difficult game, and many have paid their dues. Total Rating 0%. Open the rules up somewhat and then professional tournaments and associations can choose to ban certain clubs if they wish. Better to be short on the fairway than long in the rough. Would non-conforming clubs allow us to hit more fairways, attack more pins, and play 18 holes in 3 hours or less and get you home in time to take your son to lacrosse practice? And in this lies the rub for manufacturers considering releasing non-conforming club lines. It’s supposed to be, and those looking for the easy way probably won’t stick around anyway. Sample: Who is pushing the non-conforming clubs agenda? I even know instances in which people that are playing for money agree beforehand that they can use illegal golf balls as this eliminates the worry that someone is going to cheat and put the other player at a disadvantage. Members; 0 47 posts; Feedback. In my opinion, the use of NC equipment represents a decision to play a game other than golf. Why these are not banned? At some point there may be enough money spent on non-conforming clubs that a major player will put profits over the USGA. Illegal golf drivers that don’t meet USGA standards can definitely help players hit it … Gradually getting a bit better as time goes on. Maybe I’m old fashioned but from my perspective any sport or game have rules. Allowing NC clubs to the few is the thin end of the wedge, someone will ‘accidentally’ have one in their bag, then Policing bags will become another job for golf club committees. To me that’s a big part of the appeal of golf. It’s one thing to create rules defining competition-legal equipment, it’s quite another to issue a mandate effectively prohibiting golf companies from producing anything that doesn’t conform. If you slice with an NC club you will just be 40 more yards right since you have more flight time. I’m an outlier…and, I would guess, selfish. (BTW, my bag is fully custom fit to eke out every last yard.). Non-conforming gear could be categorized and integrated into existing constructs, and would/should be clearly indicated for handicaps, casual play and tournament play. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Srixon Golf LH Z-355 Hybrid (Left Handed), Toulon Design Toulon Garage Indianapolis Putter Mens/Right, (your email address will not be published), WE TRIED IT – Golf Pride Concept Helix Grip, First Look: Limited-Edition PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter, WE TRIED IT – Boot Buddy Ultimate Boot Cleaning Tool, 2020 Most Wanted Super Game Improvement Iron, Srixon ZX Irons: Mainframe Goes Mainstream, Cobra RAD Speed Drivers – Just in Time for the Masters, Shot Scope Case Study: Distribution of Driver Distance. Golf is for people that enjoy a challenge and see it as an opportunity to achieve goals, all while having fun playing with family and friends. I’m in that 33.25% that says maybe. 0 0 0. Then practice and play when you can. You need to read , watch videos on YouTube, golf on TV or a couple of lessons if you an afford them to learn the swing and then work on the one that’s best for you. USGA approved for all competition and handicap matrix(s) NC clubs discussion is based on golf being ‘too difficult’. Golf is a sport of accessories. Women might play NC clubs. Until they can do that with some data to support the idea that they will actually help players, there will always be skepticism. OEMs do not test each club for max COR – only tour issues clubs gets individually measure for exact specifications. These listings identify golf balls and clubs that have been evaluated for conformance to the Rules of Golf as established by the USGA and The R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland. I think the idea of Non-conforming is wholly wrong…if we want golf to accomodate greater variants in equipment we should simply tier them with identifiable levels that maintains an observable standard ‘levels’ structure. Example: Level 1 Golfer: adheres to current equipment standards (level 1) set by the USGA Bob Philion, president of Cobra-Puma Golf, also feels nonconforming equipment is on the horizon. $7.91 - $20.99. That is because these golf balls are designed to fly higher, which in turn maximizes distance. As a side note, there is a good chance we are already playing illegal equipment from OEM since tolerances are all over the place! 200 matches. We just play to have fun. We already do that to a degree with golf courses and tee boxes. It boggles my mind that some can’t see of golf as anything other than a competitive pursuit. This is why the USGA allows for an Index to be “adjusted” when tournament scores are “out of wack” with non-tournament scores. sometimes it takes along Speed pocket, morph of the driver head, also does that. The newly designed LD+20 IS THE FIRST ILLEGAL DISTANCE ball designed for optimum performance, that exceeds USGA standards for distance. If you want golf to be easier just play from the forward tees. Up front I will say that I would not use NC clubs personally for many of the reasons already stated. It is the player's responsibility to carry clubs that conform to the Rules of Golf, and all relevant Conditions. For this reason, many people buy this golf equipment without realizing they are outlawed by the USGA. On the PGA Tour, players must use equipment “which conforms with the USGA Rules of Golf,” according to the 2012 PGA Tour Player Handbook. This is supposed to make an even playing field for everyone. These golf balls are often advertised to give a golfer extra distance. Scenario C: He plays in a gross score tournament or match. They are both just having fun. You can’t even compare the old and new records anymore. Well, the metal wood, cavity back irons and other innovations have greatly enhanced the popularity of golf. If it is just hit the ball farther…then enjoy your game more now and quit playing off the back tees all the time. By creating categories, we’d also have to re-categorized handicap equations. this game is about skill, especially the short game Look, we all know that some people cheat at golf, so I suppose it’s reasonable to think that some people would try and use non-conforming clubs for competitive play, but is that reason alone to say that major manufactures shouldn’t produce them? With friends..How lucky we are to share these moments. Anymore pros would not even attempt to play with an illegal ball and make sure that they do not even make a mistake of doing so. No issue for me – even if I get 30 extra yards from an illegal driver I still need to actually control the extra distance, keep it in the fairway, hit a good approch, and make the putt. His loss. This question is representative of much of what’s wrong with aspects of the current grow golf movement. It’s the sort of thing that  can damage a reputation, which is exactly manufactures would likely find themselves navigating the waters of non-conformity with little if any help from their professional staffers and brand ambassadors. Easy to look up and verify. That is probably the reason non conforming clubs don’t sell. These golf balls are often advertised to give a golfer extra distance. He is playing with an Index based on his ability using that NC club so all is even. But just because a given driver doesn't meet those standards doesn't mean a manufacturer can't make it and sell it. We all know it’s the second shot and the ability to work around the greens that makes all the difference. Golf Equipment Standards, offered by The R&A. Now in the low 80s and the occasional 70s is the thrill. In fact I have hit their balls. Did it go further? Most golfers would stay at Level 1; Some would prefer Level 2; Corporate tournaments would likely be Level 3. However it is a free country, and you should be able to buy what you want. It becomes more than that if you are good enough, just like any other sport. When that happens others will surely follow. you have to play….every shot .. in my opinion non conforming clubs have little effect on your score. Funny that the article mentions the Polara non-conforming ball there toward the end. Product details. It is no fun to struggle and hack it around for 4 hours. They normally come in boxes that contain around one dozen golf balls. Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver 3.9 out of 5 stars 446. 50? Let people play whatever they want so long as they’re playing recreationally, with like-minded individuals and not for handicap purposes. play golf , enjoy this wonderfull gift.. An outside game, played on green grass There have been plenty of altered and banned golf equipment over the years – and there’ll likely be plenty more in the future. Although It does seem there golf balls are legal. The reality is the majority of golfers that use these illegal golf balls are those looking to have fun. I’m not interested in accomodating people who think golf is too difficult. In badminton, players use rackets to hit a shuttlecock back and forth over a net. This guy is a cheat and will find a way to cheat regardless of the rules, e.g. As a side note, there is a good chance we are already playing illegal equipment from OEM since tolerances are all over the place! For others, non-conforming clubs are the devil’s tools. Why can’t golf be played simply for fun with no rules governing play (because play is fun) or the equipment used? I hear your point, but what about the technological advances in “conforming” clubs? I bought some ILLGEAL golf balls! The graphite infused, titanium cup face, adjustable everything clubs of today are much easier to play than the old persimmon head with metal sole and screw face, steel shafted drivers from the mid1980’s. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Men will not play non-conforming clubs (generally speaking). Sew a scarlet ‘NC‘ on your sweater . Scenario B: He enters a handicapped tournament where the club is noticed and dis-allowed. New golfers will try it – realise it still requires a modicum of talent and effort before quitting because “they weren’t that interested in golf anyway”. @Emilski - Well to answer both your questions, I do know a couple instances in which pros have used a prototype ball that was not yet approved for tournament play and they were disqualified for doing so, despite the ball later being deemed to be legal. If a guy is going to cheat, he’s going to cheat. I’ve given plenty of mulligans to buddies running up to the tee box because they were late (traffic, work, kids, etc.) Illegal golf balls typically have a velocity much higher than that of standard golf balls. 1 day, 5 hrs ago As far as figuring out whether or not a ball is illegal, I know the USGA provides sheets to the players on what balls are illegal and legal and I am sure that somewhere on their website they provide a link to show this for the normal golfer just participating in a local tournament. To me this is the whole issue summed up in one. I don’t think NC clubs will make it easier unless they can somehow correct swing path. While these results may reflect the thoughts of the avid (and well-connected) golfer, my suspicion is that the majority of golfers, most of whom fit nicely in the recreational category, are likely much more receptive to the idea of non-conforming clubs. COR is not the only way to increase smash factor. My wife bought a new old stock Cobra, because she liked the color. Sorry. I think I agree with the majority here… I dont care what others use and if they are using NC clubs to cheat, they are probably the ones putting chap-stick on their drivers and using foot wedges anyways. if anything, irons have to be consistent. It’s the only sports activity that have first time players and scratch golfers playing on the same ‘feild’ at the same time–that’s where the frustration emerges. Constant frustration is not fun. Putter, wedge, iron, hybrids, fairway woods, and ball Technology have all made the game easier – although the average handicap index number hasn’t changed much. Illegal golf balls often look similar to those that meet USGA standards. Would we feel differently about non-conforming clubs if Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, or Rory McIlroy told us to go out, play golf, and use whatever equipment (conforming or otherwise) that allows us to have the most fun? For these men, NC clubs will impinge as much on their masculinity as playing the “ladies’ tees”. Say A long time golfer is a flipper and hit his driver 200 yards and through hard work he finally corrected his swing and hits hit straight 230. Golf, as much or more than any other sport, is a game of rules, regulations and abiding standards. Make the goal about 20 feet wider in Pro Soccer. The feedback was, to a large extent, about what we expected. Right. Sufficed to say that some of you have no issues with non-conforming clubs. I have one of them sitting on the base of my computer monitor – I found it 30 yards offline to the left on a drivable par-4. The illegal solid core 2 piece construction maximizes your distance no matter what club you are using. My big takeaway is this: why do so many people care what someone else is using on the course? TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls … Due to the overwhelming interest in the launch of our new drivers, fairway woods and Hybrids, we highly recommend scheduling an uninterrupted call with our fitting specialists. Maybe a question should’ve been…how many golfers actually compete and have to comply with the rules of golf equipment? It isn’t…expectations are simply misalligned. Scenario D: Someone uses a conforming club to develop their Index and then deliberately brings out an NC club just to play a handicapped match or a tournament. Don’t approach it as “Non-conforming” call them “Senior’s clubs” Or “Recreational clubs” and soon enough the flood waters will seek their own level. it is that simple for me. Golfers who play according to the USGA rules, need a USGA handicap. I have an issue with this, and your previous article. Nitro LD+20, White non conforming golf balls aer so long that it is illegal. Matt Like those balls, they are normally white but can also be bright colors. In practice, manufacturers typically provide a new club to the United States Golf Association for testing, to be certain that the club is compliant with the rules. It just means that such a driver doesn't conform to the Rules of Golf and, therefore, is not allowed for use in any rounds of golf … I also believe there is already more non-conforming score keeping than there is NC gear. Many golf organizations regulate the use of golf balls in tournament play. My take is this. Other Mizuno illegal drivers include the Grand Monarch Royal Cresta, Intage X3, JPX E300 and Presage Navigator. Golf is a tough sell right now, and it’s unlikely being able to hit the ball longer and straighter is enough to overcome the other perceived issues with the game. In the United States, the United States Golf Association (USGA) sets these requirements. If I were to purchase non conforming clubs how do I know if I got better or just saved a couple strokes from clubs? As we were putting together this survey, I couldn’t help but think that the biggest issue holding back widespread availability of non-conforming clubs might be permission from those we admire. The main objective of the Equipment Rules is to ensure that technological advances in the design and manufacture of golf equipment are in the best interests of the game of golf. By creating categories, we’d also have to re-categorized handicap equations. Is it because you believe it would make rounds take less time? Suspect the debate is about how much short term custom said manufacturer will lose but expect a “no limits” national competition to be launched in tandem with a PR drive to paint the current rules as being archaic and irrelevant. Now if he gets away with using the NC club he has an unfair advantage, i.e. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And spend more time practicing your short game….ie eat your veggies . Respectfully disagree. Equipment. I’m still upset about the 3-point shot in basketball and the designated hitter in baseball. Why would cheater clubs alter this paradigm? it takes 1000s of hours practicing. This, to me anyway, is perhaps the most fascinating question in our survey. The extra distance is usually lost whenever play resumes with regulation balls. Whether making it easier, and by extension, more fun (via equipment) will bring new players to the game continues to be a subject of much debate. The Nike Ignite+460 leads the way, capable of yielding lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. Nothing beats putting up a new personal best score. Is it because non-conforming clubs could make the game less frustrating? So logically, and selfishly, we want to measure our game against another based on equal ground. Everyone says that, but will it actually be any easier with NC clubs? use a persimmon driver while developing your Index and then bring out a conforming titanium driver for matches. The fast and simple way to find out if your clubs and balls conform to the Rules. edweather 0 Posted February 7, 2019. edweather. Manufacturers i am guessing because they know that quite a large number of existing golfers will buy the stuff because that’s what we do whilst maskerading under the “growing the game” bs… I’m guessing that 37.36% of you would argue that golf is plenty enjoyable as it is. Jack Nicklaus had a poignant comment on the add campaign and endorsement and the NC drivers went nowhere and Palmer backed out fast. Shortly the USRGA will have a handicap system for recreational golfers. Badminton equipment must meet certain rules and specifications. Not the professional one, of course, but at the same time, am I not considered to be playing “golf” if I’m playing in a scramble or best ball? 14.37% isn’t a huge number, but I’d absolutely love to hear more from those of you who said you would play more if non-conforming clubs were available. I said same thing. Compare prices & save money on Golf Gifts & Equipment. I know for years that when player splayed in the British Open they used a slightly smaller golf ball that would be deemed illegal in the United States, but the ball was legal over there during that tournament. I am guessing not much; maybe a shot or two on some shorter holes IF I make a decent approach shot. Frankly, if I’m a person who’s not good at golf and and probably struggling with a slice off the tee, I’d rather hit a drive 230 into the trees instead of 250 into someones backyard bbq pit! Share; Posted February 7, 2019. partly because what do you think non-conforming will do for you. Illegal golf balls are typically smaller in diameter yet heavier than regulation balls. I say stay with tradition and if you want NC clubs then form your own group and play. The club will end up in the garage or eBay, and the only people that profited from it are the OEMs that sold it. I doubt many people have a problem with this. Enjoy the Game! I go to the course and see tons of people playing from a set of tees that they would never be allowed to use in a competition and no one says boo about that, I see people give putts (I do and I take give mes also) and no one complains about that – I assume they do it to have fun so as long as they aren’t slowing the course down, have at it. It’s important to remember that we, the obsessive gearheads, are the minority here. Maybe for the elite competition it would make a difference, but as recreational golfers I’d say whosever equipment that helps make the game more enjoyable then do it. Being able to improve your skill and score. For about a year you have advertised I guess you have figured out by now, I don’t want the game fooled with or tricked up. I’m with Matt! I don’t think so, at least not measurably. At a minimum it would be a gamble for any company that chooses to make the leap, and given how risk averse the golf equipment industry is as a whole, it’s unlikely any brand of repute has the stones to go for it any time in the immediate future. Lower the basket to 8 feet in Pro Basketball. I remember when I bought my 1st Taylor Made Pittsburg Persimmon wood, everyone was saying that the game was lost and compromised. At the risk of redundancy, golf is hard. Regulation golf balls can not have a velocity of more than 250 feet per second (76.25 meters per second). I’m fine with limiting the spring effect, ball specs, belly putters…I’d much rather be a part of a smaller group of golfers who embrace the challenge, rules and etiquette (including pace), than a larger group that desire an easier path to improvement. I don’t have an official handicap, haven’t done for the 15 years I’ve been playing golf. If they won’t move in from the blue tees (where many can barely reach the fairway), they won’t play a NC club. I’m just not seeing the logic. John Smoltz is leading the celebrity division of the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions, but his self-standing putter has tongues wagging. NC clubs in a competition is cheating. He plays at a disadvantage using a conforming club that he cannot play “to his cap” with. Scenario A: I play a handicapped match against him and he uses the NC club. IMO, I feel that by making the hole larger and clubs “NC” we are “dumbing” the game down and taking away from the challenge, but at the same time I get trying to grow the game and not make it intimidating for first timers. By edweather, February 7, 2019 in Equipment. The good thing was the course wasn’t crowded, tee times were easy to get and golf just wasn’t that popular. These drivers are made to offer a ray of light for the most hopeless cases or for those golfers who wouldn’t like to bother putting extra effort in practicing their swings. I long for the days when we played with forged muscle back irons, persimmon woods, and I was the only one who could break 90. Then along comes a new golfer with little experience or skills but gets the same results using a NC driver. the Driver by the manufacturer POLARA, So why are you asking the question if you use While 71.94% say the availability of non-conforming clubs from a given manufacturer wouldn’t influence your conforming club purchasing decisions, nearly 20% of you told us that you’d actually be less likely to purchase conforming gear from a manufacturer that also produces non-conforming clubs.

illegal golf equipment

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