Steps Needed to Convert Green Card to Citizenship

For people intending to enter into the US, the lottery is the most common way of gaining permanent residence status. They are sponsored annually by the United States in different countries to enable people that want to live in the US to have access to live in the US. To do this, you would need to convert Green Card to Citizenship status.

A green card is known as Lawful Permanent Resident Card, and it is the only legal means by which an immigrant from any part of the world, can come into the United States. Without the green card, no person who is not a citizen of the US can live and work in the US permanently. Citizenship is even lucrative than the green card.  This is why the need to convert Green Card to Citizenship is crucial

Generally, the green card gives the holder a license and permit to reside permanently, as well as giving them the opportunity to freely earn a living. However, this license to reside only enables the holder to reside, coupled with equal rights and does not in any way, confer citizenship on the holder.

The United States of American attaches great importance to its citizenship, and as such anyone desirable of American citizenship, have to conscientiously work towards achieving citizenship. Through his actions, he has to prove to the United States government that he is worthy of being their citizen. Here are some steps which you allow you to convert Green Card to Citizenship successfully

Applying For Citizenship with Your Green Card

An immigrant granted the Lawful Permanent Resident Card must first of all, continuously reside in the United States for a period of at least 5 years preceding the date of the application for citizenship, before he can be qualified to apply for citizenship of the United States of America.

After an immigrant has resided for a period of 5 years, they have to apply to the government, notifying them of their intention to attain citizenship of the US. When that is done, the applicant has to take certain tests to ensure that the applicant is qualified to be a citizen. The PROCESS includes:

  1. Eligibility Test

The applicant will have to take a test to certain the quality of his English language. This is done in order sure that such an application can read, write and speak English fluently before he can be confirmed a citizen.

  1. Naturalization Form

The applicant has to notify the government of his interest in citizenship, by picking the N-4oo, which is the form wherein the applicant prepares and submits the application.

  1. Get the Citizenship Certificate

Having a green card does not mean that the immigrant has automatically become a citizen of the US. The applicant has to apply to the government, and until that application is granted and a certificate of citizenship given, before that applicant can be recognized as a citizen.

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