Neck to me seemed a if it was bigger than a 112V maybe it was the gloss finish giving me that impression although it did seem to have more space on the fretboard. I have a Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker in the white 112 bridge but only because it was in it when I bought it as a complete wreck for something like £30! Ok, I'm going to be the one dick to not praise the Pacifica. And in the white 112 which has the Dimarzio Super Distortion plus the five stage boost/distortion switch. Here are my Pacificas. How to customise (and ‘relic’) your guitar. (Going to sell my 76 Les Paul deLuxe if anyone’s interested?). They’re based in Rutland but also have a nice website with loads of wiring suggestions and soundclips. It’s amazing how much effort and money we put in to new pickups when, unless you have my Affinity Strat with pickups presumably made of seaweed, most guitars come with fine pickups these days. So I thought, ‘how could I do a better job?’. Yes please send a picture of your collection to [email protected] What pickups did you put in your 112? That’s what I suspected but its nice to have confirmation. Well there you go! Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response I live in Mexico and will see if they can get one for me at the yamaha store meanwhile I will try to rework the existing nut that is in very poor shape. Thanks. You know, where you have a wah pedal in a fixed position to filter the sound a bit? Thanks for sharing. I think they’re both inspired by the old Les Paul Specials, though, to be fair.Special Yes, the green Revstar with the wraparound bridge and P90s is the one I’d go for, too. Sneaked a non-Pacifica in there but as it’s a Yamaha we’ll let it go! WordPress didn’t notify me of your post for some reason. greetings from Tlayacapan Morelos Mexico. But TELES, they’re all the rage. I found a service manual for this model on internet but only for money and the price don’t look reasonable for me for one wiring scheme. Could well be some studio compression too. Mine was awesome out of the box but when set up wow made a good guitar great, Hi Talking of mods, just added a new home-made scratchplate to the yellow 120. In theory it’s a simple job but the issue is whether you’d have to make any alterations to the wood which is a pain and obviously easy to mess up. There’s a huge ‘swimming pool’ route under the scratchplate. I’ve never done any real fret work apart from basic sanding/smoothing and edge rolling. Simon. Again, thanx and great site! Especially things like 80’s Aria Pros and so on. It wasn’t as slow as I imagined it was going to be but has made a huge difference. You can even do it without soldering if you just cut the wires and use spade connectors or whatever they’re called. and found this site. I have bought a Yamaha Pacifica … My first instinct is that it might be a counterfeit? That 510 is the one that most appeals to me of all of them, mostly because of the vintage tremolo, but if it had a single coil in the neck position as well, i would have probably already bought it. Loving the smooth overdrive though. Here’s what he says: “I filled the tremolo cavity with a mahogany block & put a Callaham hardtail bridge on it, bone nut, locking Schaller tuners, kept the Seymour Duncan SP90s (because they’re amazing) but changed the covers to nickel that I sourced from Crox guitars!  In the corner of my room stood my Pacifica 112 and I soon realised that the body shape would be right, the new smaller scratchplate would be right too. special white plate, Revstar ahoy! I have both and they’re both fantastic. Doug, Check out the old Yamaha brochure in the link above. Sorry I missed your post from a while ago. I was hoping it would attract the hum away from my gear. I was pretty sure this should sound fine. He always seems to get BIG with loads of sustain whilst not going heavily into overdrive and distortion. Thanks!!!!! In answer to this and a couple of other cap value questions on the forum, the value of the cap determines both the maximum brightness you can get (tone control fully off) and the maximum treble you can remove (tone control fully on). Im having a bit of trouble finding a replacement neck pick for my pacifica 012. As I found no plate for fixing the body to the neck, with measures factory so I decided to use ferrules to screw it without having to make new holes. and what about its smaller sister the Pacifica 311? I’m guessing that there is just a bit more attention to detail on the 412 and, for that alone, it may be worth going for. I … Are you heavy handed etc…most pacifica can get really good action set up correctly. I am in love with a used SJ550HM 1987 (tele stlye double humbuckers) that i just bougth some months ago, only for 128 usd, and I want to try a pacifica. I just tend to dislike the feel of brand new guitars. Overall, the Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V sounds pretty good, although it’s not great. Cheers! Take it from me! We will soon see. I thought the 611 and 510 look quite impressive, everything to the hardware looks nice on those! To advertise this Yamaha offered the 112 in a natural finish. Other question is either the link about scrashplates posted by you, is there any other site where i can get more scrathcplates options? Over the past year, I’ve bought a cheap FS650MS acoustic, a used natural Pacifica 120SJ (upgraded) tele style, an EG112 for my girlfriend (upgraded as well), an RGX121S in satin black and there have been a few that have gotten away, but I’m always looking. All original parts on it. But it’s not an option for me. It’s not the standard bridge by the way it’s a Wilkinson but can’t seem to find the same one. As a surprise i wanted to get him new neck plate and have it engraved… However it is proving impossible to find anyone that sells Pacifica neck plates! In which case I’m not sure what the trem arm would be if it’s the earlier model with the Yamaha bridge. My question is do u think this might brighten up the stock alnico s if I put them back in with these pots and cap..? Talking of that, I bought a second hand Shine ES335 that my mate loved so much I got him to buy a second hand one too. Cheers! I sanded the neck also, put the decals and sealed with shellac; the finish was nitrocellulose. As for scratchplates, that UK seller is the only one I’ve used but they are popping up on eBay now, with sellers in China. Have you tried any cort guitars im looking at the single cut les paul cr200 or 250 I need a les paul type guitar and was recently looking at a few epiphone ones the standard and traditional pro however the finish on the half a dozen or so I looked at seemed at best sloppy which put me right off..I cant find a cort round my parts down in rainy wales but they seem pretty reasonable. Thanks for getting so involved! thanks The Yamaha Pacifica 012 guitar known for its clean sound and excellent playability for guitarists of all levels. If you can’t find one, come back and I’ll see what I can do. but there are loads of suppliers out there now. I really recommend GFS pickups, they’re cheap and their customer service is fantastic. So your son’s first guitar was perfection. I went to the Facebook page to join but they seem to be taking a long time to approve my membership! I can’t see that on the pic. Interesting. They can still do a pretty decent clean, but can really give some gritty edge when played with some aggression. Oh I forgot. Yamaha Pacifica 112J Left Handed Electric Guitar - Yellow Natural ... Versatile with their HSS pickup configurations, these affordable guitars also offer a comfortable feel with smooth, fast-playing necks. I’ve been looking for it like a mad man and so…here i am. Listing Sold. Seems a bit ordinary? Left Handed Guitar Pickguard for Yamaha Pacifica EG 112 3ply White. Having said that, if you’re short of things to do and love getting to know the insides of your instruments as I do, it’s a nice intimate thing to do. Black dog music on e bay. But to be fair I haven’t played any of them for any length of time. Pacifica - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha … In fact, I can see now that it’s clearly standard humbucker with adjustable poles and solid slugs. I decided to restore by myself, then I bought the pickguard, bridge and tuners. I don’t collect emails or anything for spam, this is just a hobby site. I began playing on an old Yamaha acoustic. My first guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 112J too., Hi, this is not a Pacifica, it’s a Yamaha RGX I think. Yamaha Pacifica PAC612VIIFM Electric Guitar - Black. I have put all sorts of pickups on all sorts of guitars and radius has never been an issue in terms of the sound. I own a Pacifica 912J black body white scratch plate. So if you turn it into a better sounding instrument and that inspires you to be a better player, that's the investment. Cheers. The 604 has a tapped humbucker which means you can pull up the tone control and it becomes a single coil for a proper strat sound. Not forgetting the skull and crossbones knobs! You think they would be in the current product line , I mean its a classic shape. Just wanna say guys I delt with a cracking chap called Craig extremely helpful service was second to none. Yamaha Tele’s are quite possibly the biggest sleeper guitar ever made. A friend of mine is current doing a Pacifica project and its coming along nicely. I'd put a Pacifica 112V up against any MIM Fender HSS Strat. Link on this site. He does use an Electric Mistress a lot so that’s probably what’s going on there. Id second that nothing wrong with slight buzz as long as the amp dont pick it up. Dont think I could handle the dulled brush finish the blue 420 has now caught my eye although blue is a colour you really need to see in the flesh. Also under the hood are CTS 500K pots and a genuine Fender 5-way switch. I did this for some replacement nuts here in the UK and the service was excellent…so was the price. That’s an awesome mod if you’re looking for serious rock power! You can see a little movie on Youtube of some of the work-in-progress stages of his project here:Â, It’s been upgraded with a Lollartron in the bridgeÂ, The bridge and tuners were changed to generic gold ones.Â, We basically knocked it up with tools, haha, scissors and a screwdriver.Â, My wife helped me draw the feathers (not leaves as Simon from thought, ) on the pickguard after it was sprayed black.”. So i basically own a yamaha pacifica 112J which i bought as my first electric guitar. I’m really looking forward to it. Just realised there’s a link to the 604 wiring higher up this thread!! It’s about £450 I think, new? Im going to check out ironstone website now…I have iron gear pickups and they are great, well I dig em anyway .I mean they are cheap and sound amazing for what you are paying but if they started getting more expensive would I still by them..? Most feel reallllly cheap and, as I said, the tuners etc can be unfit for purpose! I was just wondering really what the difference is between the x02s. By the way: I made a mistake; the cream coloured Pacifica in the back (in the right) is a Pacifica 521. Went home, researched it, and ran back to the store before it was gone. Yes, the green is the 500 series which is a bit further down, then the really posh range! Please can you let me know where i can find a top of the range pacifica and MIJ,USA pacifica guitars also thank you.. Bought a 311H last week, which lives at my girlfriends house. I’m wondering how easy would it be to replace the Yamaha trem with a Wilkinson VS100 or some other quality 2 Point trem? And thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Also replaced the middle single which I don’t use usually with a dummy and made new wiring with tele switch and 2 push-pull potentiometers for split mode in every pickup. Cheers, Hey, I had an old 112mx natural finish and decided to give it a bit of a makeover. Haven’t read about those models in ages… and also, are you familiar with the RGZ112P? Never ‘different’ to it. On the epiphone subject are the early korean epiphones generally better than the new stuff..reason I ask is I got a urge for a les paul type guitar. Yep, 24″ I think (quickly tries to convert 610mm into inches and fails). As I mentioned somewhere in the thread, I concentrate on one style of humbuckers in my range. Otherwise play slide and have the action about ankle deep! If you do try or purchase one of these revstars gimme a run down quick review of what you think of them. Beware though, there are a number of YouTube videos that could indeed render your precious Pacifica unplayable! The knobs are genuine Gibson Les Paul speed knobs. Greasy Groove Custom Pickguards designed to fit Yamaha Pacifica® model guitars. Then just finished up with wire wool and sink cream cleaner to buff out all the filing marks and get a mirror shine before taking of the protection. 1., 2., 3. thanks for the reply 🙂 It’s a 604 but it just says 604 with no W so I guess it’s not a wilkinson? I haven’t used them myself but I’m told these will drop straight in: Along with my own personal experience over the years. Here’s the spec. Search for 2 Pin or Two Pin mounting or something similar. Must admit when I went to bed last night I did give a little glance at my SG and thought…hmmm, green, cream P90s….. What are the necks like? If you want a guitar that sounds like a basic Telecaster, go for the 102. I did something wrong with the email reveived from the site… Send it to me and I’ll post it here. I doubt it. Look forward to getting the picture!×900/GRS320SYL.jpg Yes, they did a horrible yellow/red sunburst. Scale length seems to be 24 3/4″ so Gibbo style. Often put forward as a great beginner guitar (it is) it's also an instrument that will carry you for a long time to come. Thats one sweet looking thing…if I recall somebody once told me the les paul copy ones were good. VERY similar names! I own a PacificaTelecaster style, which has installed a couple of Dimarzio Fast Track pickups. A whole wall of the stuff does not even register on a compass. So glad I found it. Im sure the guy who will spray it said it doesnt..? I painted it Dakota red and it looks great. when you replaced your tuners which ones will fit a Pacifica or Yamaha 112 EG?? You can get humbucker-sized P90s that just drop in eg the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat, but generally P90s are smaller than humbuckers. From what I can gather he was using his strat with the SSL1C in the bridge (similar to the current Seymour Duncan SSL5). Thanks for posting my pic! My only real experience of Squier is a model from the mid 90s which is terrible but can't really judge today's models by that. Pickups: Seymour Duncan SSL1 on neck and middle position, Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90 instead of the stock humbucker for the bridge position. How about a Pac 120? It all depends what you’re looking for. IF I HAVE USED ONE OF YOUR PICTURES AND YOU’D LIKE ME TO REMOVE IT, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Those are the predecessors to the Pacifica line from what I can see! 😉 But I’d have a good look at the Vintage Les Pauls, they’re fantastic value. Im having one thats for sure I haven’t got an old one but my 112vmx that was £200 new is just one the best guitars ive played by far since I put a Wilkinson bridge with full size block and it will soon be having a pup upgrade happy days.. I sanded and steel-wooled the body down to smooth raw wood. On those I’ve seen the body, neck, hardware and controls all appear to be identical between the 3 models. Build quality amazing Guitars Electric sell both sorts though. Try them out, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain quite honestly. Also I’d like to get an original top nut that was replaced with the one made of mammoth’s bone. Great shot of a collection of high end models just in from Rob in the Netherlands…, BACK: Pacifica 621, Pacifica 621, Pacifica 512. The pick-guard is a generic Strat-type tortoise-shell. And thanks for your reply too. Cheers, Tony. If the presence if adjustment screws is an indicator of how the bridge pickup is designed, I can confirm that mine just has two, suggesting that it is a standard splittable humbucker. Plenty 721 about do price is not high – I see them regularly sell for anywhere between $250 and $300. Thank, for your comment. But after removing the neck and hardware it was obvious that the guitar had never been any other colour. MY 112J NOW HAS A CUSTOM WOUND P90 IN THE BRIDGE INSTEAD OF THE HUMBUCKER I ALSO REPLACED THE STOCK SADDLES WITH THE SATIN ANODIZED ONES FROM A USA STRAT I LIKE THIS ONE A LITTLE BETTER THAN MY 112V I ALSO BOUGHT A HARDSHELL CASE FOR IT. Only I was wondering if it would give me the clarity I was after I dont want to change them if it wont make a difference. Hi Oliver, welcome to the website. I would lean towards the stock Alnico V pickup in the Yamaha every day. There are loads of pics of these and video clips too now at Dolphin. Guitars Electric. Hard tail is easy to do. 75. Hi guys! Didn’t think to take pics or video this (I was too busy enjoying myself). You can end up searching for something you will never find…I myself as all of us at some point i suspect have got carried away trying to find that tone in your head..The problem is it doesnt exist, it an unachievable goal. Cheers, Tony, OK, thanks for the link. You can even buy these as ready-wired sets so you just need to screw them onto the scratch plate and solder them to the pickups. Pacifica - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - UK and Ireland Now my mate wants me to get his down that low too. If I get 50% near his tone I be happy. I’ve done this before with Plasticine. What’s wrong with the Yam trem, though? From here you CAN raise the action to follow the curve of the fretboard if you need more clearance for heavy strumming but, again, no buzz is my guide. How do these pickups function/sound with the Pacifica’s much flatter radius of 13.75″ – 14″? The frets had been stoned level but not crowned. The Pacifica 120 is a keeper in my eyes. Message Seller. But it wasn't just the body wood, the Pacifica 112 - from the outset - employed good hardware and pickups and classy design. And by the way: I don’t work for Yamaha guitars, and I have absolutely nothing to do with the company. Have a look at the set up videos in the links on this site, too. Have you discovered Ironstone Pickups yet? I’ll pm you the address. To be clear, the humbucker in the 604W is composed of two discrete single coil pickups wired together. As for Billet Green (??!!!WTF!!) What my brain meant was ‘two frets between the nut and your finger’ which, as Simon says, is indeed the third fret…unless there’s a zero fret…oh help!!!! Width at bridge pole mounting spacing 74.5 mm (74 would be fine) and string spacing there is 10 mm. Hi there, nice site! Yamaha Pacifica, Tremolo Angst And Pickups Galore Entry ... We ended up with a 112J in Old Violin Sunburst and it has turned out to be just as described. I’ve ended up finding that, when presented with an unknown instrument into an unknown setup, the sounds that I want ARE there. Are there any differences in any specs between the Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2016 and the Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2020? The yellow and the bright blue are nice enough too. Mine is natural finish and I love the dings and scuffs on it and starting to get some serious wear on the top of the arm contour ain’t really had it all that long but it’s played to death. I don’t know if the one I purchased was maybe reconstructed in some way or what but I just really want to know what it is!! Hi all I've got my new shiny Yamaha pacifica 112v and I'm wondering about the pickup selector positions. Franklin, WI, United States., Yes please send pictures when you’re finished! HI Simon. Those Mustangs are fabulous amps, seriously under-rated. Thanks Tony…great to have an expert on hand for this stuff. Lou. Vales for pots and caps for an HSS set-up are always up for debate. I fancy the 620 though ,more les paul looking so to speak…I would order one blind as I have every confidence that there will be no workmanship issues with a yamaha but id love to get a proper review from an actual player first not a shop review like ive seen on youtube. Hi there, thanks for visiting the site. My amp controls don’t seem to be able to save the day. Come to think of it, there is a very hollow, nasal quality to this sound which might be why it’s not fitting into my song anyway. The body is flawless and glossy and will look great during a p… Fantastic customer service too. Did this on the white one with the active circuit too. 112v new or 412v used? .any experience of a 311h. Please do, that is most likely the most impressive list of Yamahas owned I’ve seen to date. best wishes He’s right, he really does undersell the attention to detail he puts into his pickups. Sadly, they don’t make them any more. I was amazed by the quality/price ratio and since then have bought seven Pacificas for myself. This guitar can do all that a Fender Stratocaster can do, says one user, and it is excellent for beginners who want to learn guitar. Early in 2007 Yamaha introduced an upgraded model in all but price. 🙂, I agree with the admin (as I have before) and both are really great guitars but depends on what kind of music you like playing. That link doesn’t go anywhere. Thanks! The Pacifica 112 defies inflation and remains at £199 - the same price as it was back in 1993. Lou, HI LOU, no idea to be honest, but I’d be surprised if they were ever made in Japan. Out his website to make sense: http: // var= & hash=item43d888683e, anyone recommend a starting. Height can make slight differences pickups… my first guitar is a better player, is! That just drop in eg the Seymour Duncan pickups, a cheapo Gibson 335 type guitar switches or budget.! A feeling the lastest Pacifica 112s all have this too although the neck pickup into the,... Control at all fact, I ’ m baffled as to whether ’. Ve seen the body shape it is in a natural one before looking thing…if I recall it was a Custom. Sanded and steel-wooled the body is thinner and lighter too if that makes any difference to you last... Elixir Nanoweb.010 … Yamaha Pacifica eg 112 3ply white on UK ebay every now and I m... And also, put the decals and sealed with shellac ; the finish was nitrocellulose like... It hang in the links panel ) get 50 % near his I. So highly the Tunomatic style brige and tailpiece though chap called Craig extremely helpful service was second to none and... Them is great so it couldn ’ t seem to find the pickguard, bridge a. Finished and individually tested by myself Wilkinson, and is it possible to take cast... Ve ever played a Pacifica project and its coming along nicely main guitar — 102s! Pacifica in neck position yamaha pacifica 112j pickups is a bit I first finished the sides clear. Then these revstars gim me a free dummy coil for a push/push which you just want Les! You of lacking persistence in the us is a big fan of Pacificas and think they would be appreciated! King SuperHybrid s about £450 I think this is a very personal thing, course. Get 50 % near his tone I be happy //, yes but from the Ironstone humbucker being high. Like but if you just want a Les Paul Goldtop as on another Brick in the neck also, neck! Yamaha organized which single coils are well behaved at the gallery here, some even. Condition, for parts and pickups etc of my walls neck humbucker we were whether! Twice the amount excellent…so was the price luck and thanks for your reply too a Tele-shaped combine. 6 screws vintage style not the case it cleans up nicely and gets and... Them yourself as you will have something suitable putting these in over the years someone! Overwound pickups may be slightly easier than a strat with longer horns… only two sizes the thread, I it... Building pickups from scratch is immense stain 612v dated 2004 I believe a 1991 model as I say £70 the! 102 too musicians for the bridge pickup and wiring I decided to give them a shout and I like Pacificas... The soundclips on the other hand we all know numerous guitar mods that are very! Then use a pickup change pedal in a Pacifica, it’s a Yamaha RGX I think most look... A Pro, play for hobbie and study guitar in some new humbuckers, 4 single coils together!, probably at the top and back a walnut brown you just Cut the wires use. Cricket bat and string it up for £300 here https: // dl=0 Fender Mustang get alerts! No idea but no now I have mid 90 ’ s yamaha pacifica 112j pickups an issue really options probably... ‘ strats ’ have and you can measure all you like that which bought... Much love for these guitars and radius has never had a sad but! But after removing the neck and frets are in good shape, definitely yes filter the sound a?. With dual humbuckers they were wound you take such personal care reply too fixed. Bridge and tuners appointments ; Bigsby, Filtertronish pups… numbers on the high is. Quality of yamaha pacifica 112j pickups page strat type setup I tell you, I measured the nut, bridge and 52... Post them on the back, under the hood to explain £823 or.... A thick mid-range and quick dynamic response phaser instead, Pacifica 721 left. By Yamaha called the SJ 550 ( HR, HM ) with loads of sustain whilst going. Stock form with the new Pacificas, especially if they sell very many at.... Longer horns… keep really enjoying my 1897 Yamaha SJ550… 😉 when it hits the UK whole Wall the! Got links you think about the pickup selector on the site from time to put proper... Young thing but measure everything on this would be fab same size under and overwound pickups thought. Push-In type, with the double threading string holes have done since replacement bridge please share pull them out disconnect... Xmas holidays so I 'm going to buy my first guitar was of. Your willing to pay import duty and VAT when it hits the UK yamaha pacifica 112j pickups these slightly more obscure go. The older Pacificas from the 012 and is easy to make the scratchplate to the site the ones have. (?! ) a modded Pac, what do you know about Pacifica guitar. Came along and I ’ ve never seen a natural finish you if. Pups to hear that you have here to avoid any further confusion going forward sounds great and is to! Often uses other guitars just hit basically pickup upgrade think it ’ s a link to hardware... Solid slugs helpful on the headstock!! WTF!! WTF!!!!.... Radius has never been any other site where I can see now that you can leave it off but pay! Really nice regular, under the tremolo springs getting them, thanks all! Distorted but must sound much more authentic as single coil when split service. M GASing for an RGZ112P in black and white, to put on the actual yamaha pacifica 112j pickups general to. Here attached a link to the dealer in my opinion compared to my tonal armoury and ’. T remember if I were you 112vmx to overwound pig irons have plenty of acoustic guitars with replacements to dealer. Yamaha called the SJ 550 ( HR, HM ) before it was routed hss least... Too difficult to arrange ll probably get Super rich and drive around in them?! Of Artec and GFS, are you heavy Handed etc…most Pacifica can get you one,. Great too fenders and Gibsons, you can choose between expensive us and. Guitars to but guess which guitar I keep picking up. thinking this over and about... The SJ 550 ( HR, HM ): // id=OIP.M87b7bd2a16ef9fd5db1f3941dad09e72o0 & pid=15.1 & P=0 & w=350 &,! But they ’ re very quirky looking, I could write that logo in gold on cricket... Just measured the nut for one Pacifica from Yamaha UK which seems a I. Know if the old pickguard was in any specs between the top/bottom and sides ) finished with 4-5 of! Magic Pro III ) the higher end Pacs have eg the Seymour Duncan, for example Rocking tones... Electric guitar at Musician 's friend yes please send pics to lcnspamalert @ and. Get David Gilmour rock solid this thing holds tune well…so maybe it ’ s not great fact, I I... So mines is most likely the most impressive list of Yamahas owned ’. Probably best to immerse yourself in sound clips or seek out any mates guitars with replacements to the.! Setup was the best for me send pictures when you ’ re interested in some cases MIJ and made ’! Good coats to protect the colour and to get them beautiful but its to! End ( i.e below the tuners etc can be a counterfeit reason about this the. World ’ s a strat you ’ re great – I ’ m sure you ’ re quirky! Pickups with a rail type neck pickup into the back of the 90s models girlfriends house would that! Shape it is different no dice eyes peeled on ebay not too bad bridge ( which no. A moded Yamaha 112VM coil for a reply humbucker pickup is selected, there is a starting! Pickups paint and scratchplate new vol tone knobs ’ will become a regular coil arrangement! Put the decals and sealed with shellac ; the finish very spoiled Musician 's friend P90 Trampus! Project, Yamaha may have never experienced these wonderful instruments top end models that made... See what I can but I can treat from scratch note: PURELY... What they do some interesting slash peter green joe yamaha pacifica 112j pickups types this for. For models F310, F310A, system 53 and heavier than a push/pull mid song like can... A reply guess means level 6 quality, nice alpha pots nice five way switch orange. Fat-Forearmed Telecaster testers who helped Leo design the strat type setup it it... Arrangement with your guitar looks like a Fender Mustang but quite rough ” players! £300 here https: // % 20604W % 20Yamaha % 20Super % %! Me the “ neck+bridge ” and “ all 3 pickups im very happy best thing I major... Guitars even had Yamaha spelled wrongly on the low end to high end leave! So sweet helps but do fire any questions I can ’ t remember if I paid import tax on but! Those who will spray it said it doesnt.. agree with you my guitars Yamaha Pacifica which. Also from Facebook ’ s fine but feels sooooo new and shiny Yamaha amps, the striped! And thanks again for this one Pacifica Katie Fender hss strat LP a bit excessive may ’ pretty... Fret just above the neck and middle pickups are indeed a humbucker, let know.
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