But we love how the X’s 5% smaller head has more weight positioned around the perimeter, thanks to a new 64g lighter carbon core. So TaylorMade Spider Tour, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $195 TaylorMade Spider Mini, as seen on the chart below. All this extra MOI means that if you mishit a putt, it is less likely to lose speed and therefore you have more chance of holing it. The new Frontline putter series is available in a sleek black finish, and they have about seven different putter head shapes to accommodate your needs. The TaylorMade Spider X Putter is not necessarily designed for a low handicap golfer; it is more so for a player that can understand the difference between a high and low performing putter. Teaching and player improvement is my passion. Spider X comes standard in copper or navy. Some people may think that FCG looks a little 'busy' with three different colours present but I actually like the bright white T on top of the black as it really stood out and helped me to focus, whilst you can't really see the copper face at address anyway. Alignment-wise, the Spider X offers what TaylorMade calls True Path Alignment. The whole Spider X head is actually 73g heavier at 320g, so you can see how more of this mass is pushed to the edges of the head in order to increase the MOI. The Taylormade Spider X is the official upgrade to the Spider Tour. Some may feel that they look a little industrial, but in black you hardly notice them and they are definitely better looking than the pods. UPGRADED STABILITY. 6% off. Scotty Cameron has produced some of the higher-performing golf clubs for years. I’m sure by now you figured this had to be too good to be true. However, we need to go beyond the looks, because there is a whole new design to the Spider X putter. Also new is a True Path alignment guide, designed to … This is why the Spider Tour was so successful and for me this is the future of putters. The Frontline replaces and updates the old Huntington Beach collection. In this TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review, we have discussed all of the fantastic components and features this club has, but what good are those if your stroke can’t be repeated. The standard weights are 6g steel in the 34 and 35 inch length putters and 2g aluminium in the 33 inch in order to keep the swing weight the same with the shorter shaft. or Best Offer +$11.99 shipping. In this TaylorMade Spider putter review, we will break down for you the difference between the Spider X and the Spider Tour putter so that you have a better understanding of which one would work for your game. TaylorMade has done two things to help improve forgiveness, and those are alignment and stability. The deeper insert gives a more solid sound and feels a little firmer, so that you get good audio feedback to help your judgement of putts. If you are a frequent golfer and lover of the game, there is no question that you have seen or heard of the TaylorMade Spider X Putter. Authorized TaylorMade Retailer; Buy TaylorMade Spider X Putter. It was also TaylorMade’s biggest selling putter ever. TaylorMade putters never really took off in the same way that their woods did until the first Spider design came along ten years ago. There are many tour players still playing Scotty, and they have straightforward and clean lines at the address. Pre-Owned. The TaylorMade Spider putters have a high MOI, incredible feel, and a pure roll. For the first time, Odyssey spent a great deal of time and money developing a shaft that they believe is the best option a struggling golfer could look for. Find out why to go for the P7MB over the P7MC... Rossie and R-Line Arrow put to the test... 13 time PGA Tour winner's putter now available! Spider X revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal stability and alignment by reengineering the mass properties of the head and introducing a new optically engineered True Path alignment system. The Midnight Blue version is designed for Dustin Johnson, as navy is his preferred wardrobe colour, but apparently even he picked up the copper version first too, much to the surprise of the TaylorMade team. Spider X … $250.00. If you are lucky enough to live in the USA, then TaylorMade can sell you 12g tungsten weights as optional extras. CUSTOMIZE IT. The insert has no feel. The TaylorMade spider line is not inexpensive, but the value is there when you consider the effectiveness and performance. Maybe you have found yourself wondering what the big deal is with the TaylorMade Spider X Putter or Spider Tour. Bill Price, TaylorMade's senior director of product creation for putters and wedges, made things clear during a recent conversation about TaylorMade's new Spider X … Compare Spider X Copper DW-JIC69. Hard to argue with the success of those two players. TaylorMade Spider X putter verdict: The Spider X has big boots to fill as TaylorMade’s previous Spider was a huge hit on Tour. All of this will get the ball rolling great, but you have to point the head in the right direction, so you need a good alignment aid. When your face is square, and you stay on the path, you will have a much easier time getting the ball to roll to your intended target. For those with an arc stroke who use blade putters, the 3/4 offset will still give the same closing of the face, but with the benefits of the high MOI design. 5.0 out of 5 stars. blakesmittkamp 6 Posted January 8, 2019. blakesmittkamp. Pre-Owned. What Are The Best Golf Putters on the Market in 2020? If you are … TaylorMade testing showed that 66% of putts over 12ft were struck towards the toe due to the parallax effect. However, if it's not your thing, then the cleaner single line is a lower profile alternative. Feel is where this putter wins. Manufacturers like TaylorMade Golf are leading the charge to widen the scope of what we think forgiveness can mean with golf equipment. The TaylorMade Spider X and Spider Tour are the newest models of this very performing line of spider putters. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Watch; New Listing Taylormade spider x putter chalk. The only drawback might be that the Spider X is a pricey putter, but for once, I am not sure I really care. Does the replacement for the P750 live up to the task? Spider X combines a heavy (320g) steel frame with a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole to provide extreme perimeter weighting in a more streamlined shape. Therefore as well as the traditional single line, there is also the option of a black line on a white background. With the Spider X, everything focuses the eyes on aligning the putter correctly. Watch; New Listing 2019 TaylorMade Spider X Putter RH Copper 35 Couple Rds Only. Now the Taylormade Spider X putter has several colours, navy, brown and the new chalk, which is the one I tested. Our TaylorMade Spider X putter review was conducted during rounds at TPC Sawgrass in Florida and Sandburn Hall in York. Compare MySpider X DW-JIC83. TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review. As before the grooves are at a 45° angle to get the ball rolling quicker with less backspin, so that it is more likely to start on line. This face insert has 45-degree grooves to help increase topspin and get the ball rolling on the correct path. If you want to spend about half the money, you would on the TaylorMade but still get a high performing face, and a great roll take a look at the Cleveland Frontline. The insert is now 2mm thicker at 5mm and this extra depth means that the Pure Roll grooves can be deeper. PERSONALIZE MySpider X $420.00. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. Spider X, Spider Tour & Spider Mini: What are the differences? It’s only drawback might be the price as it can run close to $350. The Spider family grows extra legs in the form of the FCG. The TaylorMade Spider X putter puts maximum forgiveness into a more refined package. The Spider X Putter has about a ten percent smaller club head than the Spider Tour model. TaylorMade Spider putters have been around for a decade since first being introduced as the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Final Review of the TaylorMade Spider X Putter Overall, this is a very solid putter from a performance and design perspective. Global golf is running a sale right now and ships for free internationally so don’t miss a great deal on a brand new driver or iron set because this is only available as long as stocks last! After college, I turned Professional but fell in love with teaching the game of golf. If you look at the shape of the new spider putters, you can see that they use the X pattern as a way to create balance. The two putters share a lot of similarities, but the Spider X is definitely the more refined version. This putter has come a long way from the old Ping Answer putter with a small white line on the top. 70 0 0. Spider X has a heavy steel frame with a lightweight carbon sole to provide perimeter weighting. TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe Big Foot Wedges 2020 . If you watch professional golf, this putter is widely used on tour. TaylorMade Spider Putter X & Spider Tour Review 2020, Best Putters For Beginners &High Handicappers in 2020, Most Forgiving Game Improvement Putters of 2020. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Review 2020, Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter Review 2020. Spider X Copper $349.99. The Spider X Putter comes in some very nice looking head designs. By Martin Hopley. All of the TaylorMade Spider putters come with a SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip. The Spider X is still 10% bigger than the Spider Mini, so it is a good halfway house between the two models. Many lower handicap players loved the feel and the face insert on the TaylorMade Spider X, but they didn’t like the size. It is comfortably the most widely used putter in the professional game, to the extent that it doesn’t even have a rival in terms of the percentage of professionals that use the same putter. New Listing Taylormade Spider X Putter 34” Right Hand / Super Stroke / Head Cover Included. The face insert is made from 80% Surlyn with 20% aluminium flakes incorporated in the mix to give it the same firmer feel as the Spider Tour Black insert. And Etcetera Breakers Golf Mallet Putter Cover Headcover Strong Magnetic Closure Synthetic Leather for Taylormade 2019 Spider X. The larger grip on these new spider putters has proven to help increase stability and keep the hands out of the putting stroke. As low as $99.99. Such is the case with their new Spider X putter. CUSTOMIZE IT. The Taylormade Spider X has become the most popular putter on the PGA tour and the LPGA tour. Pre-Owned. Direct comparisons between the new SIM DHY & UDI utilities from TaylorMade, King Supersport-35 designed with HP and SIK. Admittedly it looks a little different, but when you start swinging the club, you can see that they may be onto something. On longer putts the more compact weights at the back give it a better balance and a more manageable shape than the larger Spider models, and for this reason I think it will have wider appeal. These weights are specifically designed for this putter, whereas the previous Spiders all used the weights from the R7 Quad driver. Now as a tenth birthday present to itself, TaylorMade has revamped this design to create the Spider X putter. Shafts is not something we usually discuss with putters, but the KBS C Taper Tour putter shaft is worth a mention as it is stiffer and therefore more stable than before. If you are a player looking for any of these things in your game, this club will help you. Published May 30 2019 05:38 PM By TaylorMade To get some additional insight into the Spider putters trending on Tour, TaylorMade Tour Representative, Mark Thistleton joined us for a Q&A. The roll was excellent and especially on short range putts, you had the same 'can't miss' feeling that you get with the larger Spider models. Leave a Comment / Product Reviews / By richard. Compare Spider X Chalk Single Bend DW-JIC95. It comes in chrome or black versions and at 124g is heavier too, but you don't feel it, as the extra weight in the head balances it out. What Are The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs on the Market in 2020. TaylorMade Spider X putter review: The results. TaylorMade Spider X Putter Detailed Review The TaylorMade Spider X is a next-generation putter which has combined engineering and physics in order to create a one-of-a-kind playing experience for those who are looking to obtain a greater level of accuracy and consistency during their short game. The Spider X Putter has about a ten percent smaller club head than the Spider Tour model. Added stability comes from a heavier (320g) steel frame paired with a light (15g) composite sole. Even though the Spider X head is 5% smaller, it has the same MOI as the Spider Tour, which should appeal to players who found the previous shape a little too large. TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review The new TaylorMade Spider X putter arrived to celebrate 10 years since the initial version was launched, and the latest version is jam-packed with more technological advances. The sound and feel from the face is much improved on any previous TaylorMade putter insert. But this was firm from the first strike, which would tally with TaylorMade’s assertion that the insert is thicker than previous models. If the Spider Tour or Spider X options are a bit too futuristic looking for you, take a look at the classic Scotty, especially the Newport 2. ClubWRX; 6 957 posts; Feedback. Total Rating 100%. Many lower handicap players loved the feel and the face insert on the TaylorMade Spider X, but they didn’t like the size. What Are The Best Mallet Putters in 2020? Unusual color options and two alignment aid choices. TaylorMade obviously agree as they are only pushing the Spider X as their mallet on Tour this year. The most impressive thing about this head is that … When it comes to the TaylorMade Spider Tour and Spider X, we think you will be delighted with the results. For something that looks this good and manages to create a high MOI design in a mid-sized head with easy alignment, I am willing to break the bank. Initially a large high MOI shape, the Spider franchise gained wider acceptance on Tour when Jason Day modified an Itsy Bitsy Spider, which led to the Spider Tour putter in 2017. Time left 6d 20h left. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Cleveland has released a brand new line of clubs in 2020, called the Frontline. TaylorMade Spider Mini Putter Review The Spider Mini is 10% smaller than the Spider X putter Posted on April 28, 2020 by James Matthews in Equipment TaylorMade Spider Mini putter is a slimmed down version of the popular Spider range and one that has had a … I started playing golf at the age of seven. If you have the money to spend, if you have been struggling with making more putts (especially short ones) and you understand the technology behind this putter, this is the club for you. The latest edition of this hugely successful line, TaylorMade’s Spider X putters boast a number of new and improved features. The Spider X Putter comes in some very nice looking head designs. It may have taken them over a decade, but I think they are finally on the right track with their inserts, so long may it continue. The insert is designed to produce a better sound and feel. You will have a hard time finding a putter that will feel as good as these TaylorMade putters. 4.8 out of 5 stars 23. All models come with a SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip that fits very well in your hands and comes with customised TaylorMade Spider graphics. The Stroke Lab series is priced a little lower than the Spider series but offers many of the same things when it comes to forgiveness and consistency. Follow me on Instagram here: instagram.com/elibeaversongolf After much research with the Sports Visual team at Indiana University, the flowing white band, that is half the width of a golf ball, was deemed the optimal shape for better alignment and I have to agree. TRUE PATH … Taylormade Spider X Review – By A 4 Handicap Golfer. The most crucial part of becoming a great putter is repeating the same effective stroke over and over again. Spider X Chalk Single Bend $349.99. TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Review Looks. TaylorMade’s putter sales nearly tripled with the release of Jason Day’s putter. Find out more about the putter brand used by Justin Rose! The True path alignment system created on top of the putter head is what allows players to visualize the intended target line. On a 12 foot putt, TaylorMade say the best players miss the sweet spot by up to 1.5cm either side from the graphic below. TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter. 4.6 out of 5 stars 65. In each review that we write, we try and be as honest as possible. Some of the greats swinging this club are Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. Video . New shapes added to quality putter range for 2020. PERSONALIZE MySpider X Flow Neck $420.00. RRP: £299 Models: Small Slant hosel (46° - toe hang) L-Neck hosel (25° - toe hang) Single bend (Face Balanced) Stock shaft: KBS CT Tour Stepless Stock grip: Super Stroke X Traxion Pistol 1.0 TaylorMade Spider X putter review: First impressions TaylorMade’s Spider putters have been phenomenally successful over the past few years, not least the versions used by Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. Again, TaylorMade says the change was driven by tour preference. All of these fantastic benefits that we have covered in this Spider X Putter review come at a cost. I’ve generally avoided insert putters, largely because I have a tendency to leave putts short when hitting something that’s softer than a milled face. If the TaylorMade putters are not for you, we have done a quick review of a few other putters out there. This is where the Spider X Putter comes in to play. $188.99. 95 $29.99 $29.99. TaylorMade putters never really took off in the same way that their woods did until the first Spider design came along ten years ago. The shaft is part graphite and part steel. The distinctive Spider 'rocket pods' on the back have been replaced by two blue steel weights on the Spider X that move the mass towards the rear corners of the putter. What Are The Best Fairway Woods Ever in 2020? Initially a large high MOI shape, the Spider franchise gained wider acceptance on Tour when Jason Day modified an Itsy Bitsy Spider, which led to the Spider Tour putter in 2017. Roll feels great off the face helping you gain confidence on short putts inside of 10 feet. TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review When it comes to classifying a golf club as “forgiving,” most of us apply this term to drivers or irons. Quote; G410 LST 10.5*-ADIZ 6X G410 14.5*-ADDI 7X M3 19*-VTS Silver 8X CLK FliHi 23* - DGSL X100 JPX 919 Tour-5-PW DG 120 X100 Glide … The carbon composite piece weighs 15g instead of the 79g steel section that was in the Spider Tour. The black on white line design on the crown is very easy to use and combines form with function. The Spider X also comes with a choice of Full or 3/4 hosel offsets, depending on whether you want a face balanced or 30° toe hang putter. There is a blue, copper, and white version with incredible sightlines to help you get the ball moving on the correct path. You have been hearing about the Spider for quite some time now, but seeing that price tag can make anyone wonder if it is worth it. However, the two big feedback points that tour pros gave to TaylorMade were: The Spider Tour footprint was too big for their eye. Both the Spider X putter and Spider Tour Putter can be custom ordered to your exact specifications, and there is quite a bit of detail you can add to your putter as well. If you don’t mind spending several hundred dollars on a new addition to your bag, this is the club for you. Compare MySpider X Flow Neck DW-JIC83-9. Taylormade Spider X Putter Review If you know about the brand already, it should be no wonder to you that it has been brilliant with the heads of the clubs it produced. The TaylorMade Spider S putter continues the Spider legacy of bizarre looks and extreme forgiveness. Having been sold on the looks as soon as I saw it, I was sold again on the performance of the Spider X. Therefore if you are hitting the face across a 3cm range, or up to 4cm for higher handicappers, then having a higher MOI head will be more forgiving. Compare Spider X Chalk Center Shaft DW-JIC90-CNT. TaylorMade Womens Kalea Ultralite Rescue Hybrids . More from TaylorMade. Taylormade Spider X - Navy Link to post Share on other sites. I have to start with the colours, especially the fantastic Dakota Copper version above, which brings back memories of bronze and brass putters of my youth. Unlike the Odyssey Stroke Lab, the TaylorMade Spider X Putter and Spider Tour Putter have a standard steel shaft in them. Regular Price $179.99. The wide white line flows over the leading edge on to the white face to maintain the alignment through the ball to the target. The Spider X putter is 10% smaller than the Spider Tour. This time, we see the company naming it Spider. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that TaylorMade Spider Tour is a more popular golf putter, based on its 30+ reviews. When you put it down at address it does frame the ball beautifully and the whole visual stands out and almost takes over your field of view to ensure the face is square. Where TaylorMade focused on their golf club head design, Odyssey leads the way in shaft design. Reviews . This is my review of the brand-new Taylormade Spider X putter! Share; Posted January 8, 2019. white and copper is an interesting choice. 0 bids +$8.25 shipping. Through TaylorMade’s website, you can also customize the colors, hosel, sightlines, shaft length and grip color. The face on the Spider is equipped with a pure roll insert. I became a Class A PGA Professional and had hundreds of students from age 3 to 93 come to me for lessons. What Are The Best Golf Wedges on the Market in 2020? White PU with Spider Embroidery Golf Head Covers Square Mallet/Blade Putter/Driver/Fairway Wood/Hybrid/Iron Head Cover. Until the Tour Black insert came along, I was never a fan of the TaylorMade Surlyn inserts, but with the new Spider X version I am converted. If you struggle with alignment or path in any way, the Spider Tour and Spider X putter will make a difference in your game. Jan 29, 2019. The putter head is a bit smaller, the weights at the back of the putter have been cleaned up, and Taylormade introduced the Truepath alignment system. $27.95 $ 27. The body of the Spider X may look the same from above, but now the steel outer frame houses a central section that is made of carbon composite. The brand new TaylorMade Spider S putter in Chalk White represents our favourite ever model in the company's acclaimed Spider franchise..
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