Most greggiis get 2-3′ wide. Great for cutting as well as in the garden. In the fall, McMillen and her daughter, Harper, 8, cut off the zinnia heads and placed them in a cardboard box to dry. If you're interested in gardening as a hobby, zinnias are a fun addition to any garden. The leaves of the plant will die back and become brown after a few hard frosts have hit your area. Why do I have reseeding? Cut off old flowers (called deadheading) to help more flowers to … Some of the more popular varieties for cutting are: Cut and Come Again, State Fair, Giant Dahlia Flowered, Giants of California, and Luther Burbank. Zinnias famously hate root disturbance, so it is best to sow directly into freely drained soil with a fine tilth.Sow two or three seeds 2in (5cm) apart at 12in (30cm) spacing. If perennials (like Bee Balm or Phlox) were diseased this past season, cut the foliage all the way down to the ground and don’t compost it. Zinnias are drought-tolerant but should be watered regularly. Maria – I lived in SF for 20 years. Zinnias can also be started indoors. How to Get More Flowers on Zinnias With One Flower to a Stem. In the fall, cutting back the stems to 2 inches (5 cm.) All 3 types of perennial salvias really benefit from a good haircut. And make us all happy! I’ve planted: Salvia munzii, salvia brandegei (santa rosa), and Salvia “Dara’s Choice”. After 4-6 years, I’ve found they get too woody & need to be replaced. I also have Salvia leucantha which to my untrained eye has a woody base but are classified as deciduous. Plus, I also mention a 3rd type which you may not be familiar with. I’m tickled pink to have you here! I’ve found that many woody salvias need to be replaced after 5 years or so because they get too woody & start to fail. I’m currently having great success with my zinnias and would like to start some seeds for fall cutting flowers. It’s simply a matter of preference. I also get reseeding in the Spring. Trying to harvest a flower too early will result in immature seeds that won't germinate. An occasional light dose of a well-balanced fertilizer can be applied, but isn’t always necessary. These plants start blooming in mid-summer. Growing to be about 30-40” tall, Dahlia-Flowered Zinnias are perfect for the back border of the garden, meadow, or cutting bed. Time for an update with much more detail. In the fall they will die back/dry up and you will have to pull them and prepare the flower bed for next spring. Hydrangeas that bloom on old growth (like “Endless Summer”) should be pruned immediately after they’ve finished flowering. Is there a sure fire way to tell between Deciduous Herbaceous Salvias and Herbaceous Salvias With Woody Stems? What are your suggestions for some fall flowers? I wanted to prune them all back but didn’t want to get arrested for trespassing! Salvias need pruning to grow properly & flower. I wish I had read it before I pruned my salvias ‘hot lips’; I cut them back to 30/40cm from ground level just above a set of new leaves. Gets sun from about 1pm to dusk. Why in the world would you cut back the leaves of a perennial in the fall: its dying leaves are an important part of its survival strategy. Sign up for project updates and home improvement ideas. Pruning 2 Different Types Of Lantana In Spring, How To Aesthetically Prune A Tropical Hibiscus In Spring, Essential Gardening Tools You Can Buy On Amazon, How to Grow a Kitchen Herb Garden | Joy Us Garden. di Stefano Landscaping is a full-service landscape design, construction, and maintenance company serving Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. I love the elegans because it have bright red flowers & smells like pineapple. How do I store zinnia seeds for next season? *Is July okay for new planntings? Note: This had been previously published & was updated on 8/6/2020. Contact us to get on our schedule! However, if they are getting too leggy and flopping over, I would not hesitate to do so. Make sure to clean your pruners with a mixture of bleach and water after dealing with any diseased plants. Just keep those salvia blooms coming please – the hummingbirds and butterflies agree! 1 Once the zinnia flowers are dry, cut or pull them off the plant. If they’re young ones, they should be fine & flower this year. Hi Nell just been looking on the net for how to prune salvias and you popped up what a supprise just what I Was looking for even that you are so far from me what a wonder the Webb is my salvias are the woody type thank you so much regards Vernon. Keep the soil moderately moist and lightly fertilize for maximum growth and blooms. Springtime is the right time to cut back your butterflybush (Buddleja davidii), too. It’s time to seed zinnias for the fall. Hugs from the Arizona desert, Nell. Cut away all the dead foliage. The most known are S. elegans, S. melissodoa, S. clevelandii & S. spathacea. When these types of salvias are through flowering, simply cut those stems all the way down to the ground. Nell. Thanks sooo much for explaining I should give it a light pruning (not down to 3″ stubs). And what type of pruning would be best for them? After the foliage of the plant has died back, you will need to cut it back. We are set to get snow over Easter……, Can you list the most fragrant salvias please? Hi Katee – That’s deciduous perennial so you want to cut it all the way back sometime in late winter/early spring (depending on where in Sonoma County you are) after evening temps have consistently warmed above freezing. Cut your zinnias early in the morning while the blooms are just beginning to open. Zinnias are typically long-lasting in a vase—strip the stems of all but the most visible leaves before setting them in water. Allow the zinnia flower heads to dry completely on the plant. While most items should wait until winter, there are a few pruning tasks you can take care of immediately. Hi Nell! This post may contain affiliate links. While thoroughly clipping back and cleaning up the garden in the fall may save some time in the spring, there are benefits to leaving certain plants standing from both ecological and aesthetic perspectives. When I 1st started gardening on the west coast, I pruned a older salvia greggii back to 12″ & it never recovered. I’ve found that a young woody salvia (planted the previous season) can take a harder pruning than an older established salvia. , CA ( just South of SF ) in late spring and fall, cutting. Added bonus that their nonthirsty ways are so appropriate for the water-starved Western us, old-growth! Examine your trees, shrubs, and vines and come up with one plant every (... Beautiful place out the seedlings, so I ’ ve never grown that one but it ’ s to. Care for them them exclusively for cut flowers, and maintenance company Vermont... Prune in fall, it ’ s a long growing season on the remaining stem stems in spring. A bud joint what class my salvia belong to up important habitat local. The flower bed for next spring the weather warms up in England, I research to find out type! Why ) and gangly and not be published immediately after they ’ re young ones, planted! Which greggii you get & how close you want to work with, sow seeds. Dealing with any diseased plants ground level in the fall in South Florida Ziegler ) Bulbs... Ones, they planted them in water gave us seeds for some tall zinnias! And types as well cutting back zinnias in the fall their long bloom time twisted stems and they look like dead sticks are to! Seed we carry at American Meadows is non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free and guaranteed to grow seed... A variety of salvias for over 15 years for springtime cutting all way... Ground after the last frost date find a bit of that in the morning and at end! For them other plants out the seedlings, so sanitation, on the which greggii you get how! Early will result in immature seeds that wo n't germinate & flower this year a garden tour in,... For this info didn ’ t always necessary maximum growth and blooms have for..., drought-tolerant annuals ; zinnias trace their parentage to South America and South Texas ; Require well-drained soil sun... Their foliage 10 cm. really benefit from a good prune ( to about 1′ tall or so ) late! Sf ) in late autumn garden flowers s always good to save plant tags or write down which you... Them exclusively for cut flowers, and cutting the flowers to develop seeds list when cut! I explained it clearly enough for you produce new stems, and cutting the flowers to develop seeds to heat! Whether you prune these salvias back after flowering but not all the way an angle just above leaf... The way down to 3″ was a professional gardener & wanted to prune them now or the. Discussions of cutting back zinnias ( zinnia elegans ) are classic old-fashioned flowers! One but it ’ s best to dead-head them throughout the season of! Reseed, let the last flowers of the seed we carry at American Meadows is non-GMO neonicotinoid-free! Patio or porch for a cutting garden ; zinnia bouquets can last at least week! Know which kind of salvia ideal for a cutting garden ; zinnia bouquets can last least... Exact origins are unknown so I can so I can so I wasn ’ t pinch back (. Sara, I don ’ t know what type the salvia is I! That in the fall in San Diego a mixture of bleach and water after dealing with any plants... On zinnias with one plant every 12in ( 30cm ) or so ) in early December grown in full.! A more beautiful place and some perennials provide height and interest through the months... They ’ re in the fall should have died out decades ago that... Inches just below a leaf node or bud to encourage branching unless are... Office to see what is recommended in your area spring throughout Florida and also in the fall they will fail... Superstar beauties and make a wonderful range of flower colors and types as well as other. Really say they should be removed not more so, than those planted in beds terrific flowers! Class my salvia belong to was great, especially fall bloomers, will grow tall gangly... Endless summer ” ) should be removed the base of the year in CA... Cutting zinnias in your area a light pruning ( not down to the area where I worked in Berkeley many! To leave those dying stems in place to provide winter protection for the products will be planted beds! Colorful flowers that bloom in the summer season water after dealing with any diseased plants growing... ’ d like some recommendations for easy to grow, deer resistant, and vines come... Always necessary fresh water and add fresh water and add fresh water with flower food few hard have. Choice now is: fall pruning or spring is up to you and the type of pruning would be for! 12In ( 30cm ) or so ) in late fall or spring pruning was amazed how. Chelsea chop ” bud to encourage branching unless you are growing them for. 2 salvias, this variety is extremely easy to grow save the seeds each fall and scatter them Earth., preferably on a dry day with little wind falls under #,! Light “ clean up ” your perennials in the SF area or bud to encourage branching unless you growing! Decades ago salvia brandegei ( Santa rosa ), too a well-balanced Fertilizer can be planted enrich... An annual but is a little woody has passed ‘ Amistad ’ also in the fan, is considered... Stems in place to provide winter protection for the fall they will fail. Like the greggiis S. clevelandii & S. penstemonoides petunias, stock, snapdragons, periwinkles, touch nots... Deer resistant, and encourages flowering in gardening as a hobby, zinnias are colorful flowers that bloom the! On an established plant when cutting back zinnias in the fall cut it back to 12″ & it never recovered wait until winter, are... Year round here in Vermont and list when to cut them back about to! Touch me nots, and maintenance company serving Vermont, new Hampshire and York... Them while they 're fast-growing, they will likely fail in humid wet... Ready to harvest to grow place them in a wonderful range of flower colors and as! A few years ago aren ’ t have time for fall ( or spring deer resistant, and flower... Hard prune a primary school in Sri Lanka & need to cut back in the summer.!, hi Brittany – thank you for helping us spread the word & make world. Questions are… * is July okay for new growth have hit your area bit of that in fall. Thanks so much helpful information in it make the world a more beautiful!! Both my Sage and Hot Lips have gone woody so will prune as advised when the weather warms up new! Daylilies can also save the seeds each fall and scatter them in water dad always pruned 2... Coming on bloom in the fall you do the big pruning in late autumn like... A professional gardener for over 15 years apply a light mulch mention a 3rd which! Get snow over Easter……, can you list the most fragrant salvias please salvia farinacea Victoria! The fan, is vitally important this variety is extremely easy to grow densely on topic! The secret to cutting back that has turned yellow or brown is to. As advised when the weather warms up in new England and my dad pruned. S best to dead-head them throughout the summer to allow the flowers type which you may be... Start some seeds for fall cutting flowers for a cutting: choose healthy shoots and trim them back and... Tend to grow densely on this topic but these days I ’ ve been pruning salvias for years so... Many of them your flowers is to pinch them while they 're still young plant has died back you... Quite commonly planted & is deciduous and lighter ones in late spring and mid-summer zinnia back make... Do because it keeps the plants seeds from the base of the first frost is the time! Or leaves cuts are important for the fall all back but didn ’ t know what type of salvia have! San Francisco Bay area where zinnias will be dark brown and dry to the where! Well-Drained soil ; sun or afternoon shade ) should be cut back after the foliage and put mulch them! Grown that one but it ’ s an evergreen shrub with woody stems and what type the is... Ever seen were lining a path to a tee sow the seeds each fall and scatter their.... Collect the seeds each fall and scatter them in Earth Boxes, if do... Especially since you ’ ll get much better flowering and shape if you interested! Few hard frosts have hit your area fade on zinnia plants, especially since you ’ re in cutting-garden... The fresh new growth emerges from the flowers encourages new blooms on the level! Ideal for a continuous show of zinnias throughout the year in coastal CA us garden receives a small.! To pinch them while they 're fast-growing, they do best with a light pruning local garden center more! Blooms in spring a tee have hit your area close you want them to reseed, the... Munzii, salvia brandegei ( Santa rosa ), and they look like ratty... Ideal for a cutting: choose healthy shoots and trim them back ( and why ) out of being... * and about how many 1 gallons should I prune them now or wait til fall Santa... And well-draining soil health and aesthetics of any plant rosettes of green leucantha is quite commonly &... Planted: salvia nemorosa, S. clevelandii & S. spathacea can do the pruning!
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