Fun facts about the Diversity Visa lottery program

The DV lottery popularly known as the green card lottery is one avenue which many people every year use to secure their dream move into the United States. However, it would surprise you that most people do not have an idea what the diversity visa lottery program is all about. Here are some fun facts you should keep in mind when you are trying to apply for this program;

Number of people allowed

The diversity visa lottery program would allow about 50,000 people annually to get their green cards. These people would be selected randomly. Most of the people who get this green card would be people from regions and countries who have a lower number of people in the United States compared to other nations in the US.


If you want to qualify for the diversity visa lottery program, you would have to be from a country which has less than 50,000 immigrants in America for the last five years. If you are from countries such as the UK, Canada, and India, you probably would never make this list. If you find out that the country which you are from does not seem to be eligible for the diversity visa lottery program, then you can use the native country of your spouse to qualify for the draw if they are from a country that is eligible. Another option which you might have is if one of your parents come from a country which is eligible to join the program.

What level of education would I need to join?

To make it to the draw, you would have to have gotten education level up to the high school level. You would need to have working experience for at least two years in any profession that you have chosen. The profession which you are currently using should be something that requires professional training for at least two years. All these conditions would be examined by the Department of Labor in the United States.

The process for applying for the diversity visa lottery program can often be long and tiring. If you are planning to apply, we would be happy to help you in any way that we can. The registration process would be easy and less stressful with us pulling the strings for you. You can be assured that you would end up with your green card at the end of the day.

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