Fastest way to get Green Card

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Green Card?

Is there any fastest way to get a green card? Well, undoubtedly, becoming a legal resident of the United States requires a lot of time. Mostly, it depends on many factors that impact the green card application process.

What Is A Green Card?

The Green Card is a permanent residency card which allows you to stay and work in the USA legally. It’s not citizenship. But, you are all allowed to stay in the US as long as you want. Since there are various types of green cards, based on family, employment, marriage, through green card lottery, and EB-5 investment program, one has to undergo different steps and waiting periods.

What Are The Fastest Ways To Get Green Card?

It depends on you whether you want to choose the fastest way to get green card or wait for a longer time. Here are some of the various ways to obtain a green card.

  • Through family sponsored
  • Though marriage
  • Through employment
  • Through Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery

Marrying a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident

It is the fastest way to get a green card and the United States citizenship as long as marriage is real. Green cards issued this way are temporary and valid for just two years. Waiting time for a marriage-based green card varies between 10 to 38 months. It essentially relies on whether you are married to the green card holder or permanent US citizen, and where you presently reside.

Green card through family

Acquiring a green card via a family member is the most popular and fastest way to get a green card. If you have a family member in the United States owning a U.S. citizenship or a permanent resident, only they can sponsor you and help you in attaining a green card. Relatives who can serve as sponsors are parents, children siblings, or spouses. The duration depends on whether you’re a ‘preference relative’ or an ‘immediate relative’ to that US citizen. If you are an immediate relative to US citizen, that is the fastest way to get the green card. US citizens can apply for their spouses, unmarried children below 21 years of age and parents above 21 years old.

Through employment

To win a green card through employment, you must be sponsored by a US employer. These visas are issued every year to people of certain professions. The procedure doesn’t take much time but require a lot more documentation and work from both sides.

Through Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery

Only lucky enough people are awarded for the green card through this program. It is one easy path, yet applicant must belong to a country having a low quota of U.S. permanent residence applicants.

Apply For Green Card With Our Help!

Applying for the green card is a process. Don’t be tricked into anything who claims to be quick, simple or easy. However, there are few ways of green card which are less delayed than others. For better results, we can guide you throughout the green card application process, regardless of which method you choose. With our help, you are bound to overcome most roadblocks.

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