Expired Green Card Penalties

What happens if your green card expires?

Well, it’s very important to keep a green card at active status. Since you don’t use a green card on a daily basis, it’s easy for an invalid green card to go unnoticed. The green card is proof of legal immigration status. When you allow it to expire, you may find that you are in trouble of getting a new job and other opportunities. Question is – what are the expired green card penalties?

Luckily, an expired green card doesn’t require you to pay any fines or penalties. However, at some point, an expired green card or having no card at all is more likely to become a matter in question. For instance, in situations where you want to enter into a new field, travel to another country, or want to renew your driver’s license, you must show proof of your permanent residence. Or else, employers will not accept it and it could be a major problem in acquiring a new job. Just because your green card has expired, it doesn’t mean you have lost your permanent residency status. In fact, you can still apply for renewal or replacement. Because the renewal process can take five to six months, it is suggested to start the renewal process at least six months before the expiration date. You will be required to submit a green card renewal form 1-90 along with a total fee of $450.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Having An Expired Green Card?

  • An expired green card may influence your ability to re-enter the United States. At times, it also means a denied entry. However, most often you will be supposed to pay expensive reentry charge of $585 and a long waiting time. So, it would be risky to travel with an expired green card.
  • An invalid green card could also influence an individual’s driving rights. Even, you are not allowed to use an expired green card for renewing a driving license.
  • Renewal of green card becomes important while obtaining a professional license. If you want to do a job as a real estate agent, insurance agent, or as a healthcare officer, you need a professional license. Thus, make sure you have a valid green card before you apply for a certain occupation.

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An expired green card can create some major problems. At a time of need, you can’t afford to not to have a valid green card. However, there are no such expired green card penalties. But, if you’re a temporary resident with a 2-year green card, it might cost you losing your permanent resident status. A delay in renewal could eventually result in deportation.

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