Easy ways to get a green card right now

If you are on the green card hunt, you would no doubt be looking for the various routes through which you can get a green card. The good news is that the US has created several routes through which it is possible for you to bag a green card. Knowing the easy ways to get green cards right now would ensure that you are on the right track to getting settled in the US before too long. So what are the easy ways to get a green card right now? Here are some of them;

Through marriage

One of them would surely be through marriage. If your spouse is currently a citizen of the US or bears a green card, then you would be eligible to move to the US to stay with him. In most cases, most spouses would first be given a conditional green card to test the strength of the marriage before a permanent green card is given. This is one of the easy ways to get a green card. You would, therefore, be able to receive two rewards at once- being with your loved ones and getting a US green card in the process.

Through Family

Another easy way to get a green card would be through the family route. If you have close family members in the US such as your parents, brother or sister, you could actually qualify to move to stay with them. It is important to note though that children who are above the ages of 21 or have gotten married would no longer be eligible for this green card route. It would be best to try out other easy ways to get a green card.

Through Employment

Another easy way to get a green card would be through employment. If you have managed to get a job in the US, your employer could get you a green card to ensure that you come to live and work in the US. This would be especially thrilling if you do not live in the US. You get the chance to move to the US with possibly your children.

So here are the easy ways to get a green card today! Upon getting a green card, you would be open to a whole new world of opportunities in the US. We would be happy to help you achieve this goal.

The process of getting a green card through any of the above routes or any other way can prove to be quite stressful, to say the least. While it is possible for an individual to perform all the processes by yourself, the possibility of making a mistake would so much higher than when a professional handle it.

We are always ready to keep a helping hand to all our clients. Whether you need advice from experts or you need to file your things, we would always look for ways to make sure that your application is a success.

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