Easy Way to Get a Green Card

Obtaining a green card in the US can be an amazing opportunity for many people around the globe. Individuals who dream to live and work in the US are always in search of easy ways to get a green card. It holds great significance and is an important factor in becoming a permanent resident in the US. The term that is formally used for this is legal permanent residency. Essentially, there are four easy ways to get a green card in the US. You can apply through your family, through your employer, as a refugee/asylee or through the green card lottery.

Applying through the green card lottery is an easy way to get a green card, however, it totally depends on your luck.  Every year, under the diversity visa lottery, the US welcomes around 55,000 immigrants in the US. This program started as a result of issues in the immigration process in America. You can easily apply through the online form. Make sure you seek the right help in order to avoid any mistakes in the process.

The most popular and easy way to get a green card is by applying through a family member. You can apply for the permanent green card if your spouse is a citizen in the US, if you are a parent of a US citizen or if your parents are a US citizen.

In case you have applied for immigration and during this process, you turn 21 or get married, things will be considered differently and might take a long time.

The next way is to apply through your job. This involves opportunities like getting the green card through a specialized job or through investment. In case you’ve received a permanent offer for employment in the US, your employer can become a part of your petition for a green card. Apart from this, if you’re investing $500,000 in a business or $1,000,000 in a new business, you can get a green card as an investor.

Furthermore, if you skilled at something like arts, business or any other field, then also you can get a green card. This category is rare and only includes people like Olympic athletes of Nobel Prize winners.

Furthermore, if you’ve come to the US as a refugee seeking asylum, you can apply for the permanent green card after one year after entering the US. It is important to note that asylees are not required to go through the green card application process. Asylees and refugees are not usually asked to fill out the petitions such as I-130 or I-140 with the USCIS.

If you really wish to be able to work and live in the US, you need to first select a category through which you wish to apply. It is important to note that any mistake in the application form can result in disqualification, even mistakes as little as a misspelling, use of capital words and more. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the right help and ensure that the application process is carried out smoothly.

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