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Become eligible to apply for a Diversity Visa lottery with greencardorganization

To participate in the annual USA Diversity visa lottery program, you must be sure of your eligibility status. Applying for a DV visa lottery without being sure of your eligibility status can lead to a waste of time and resources. Seek for professional consultation and eligibility advice from the team of immigration experts at the greencardorganization.

To qualify for the American Diversity visa green card lottery, check your eligibility status with greencardorganization

Eligibility criteria

Your country of birth must be among the selected eligible country.

For you to become eligible to enter the DV visa lottery, you must be a native-born of a country that has a history of a relatively low immigrant in the last few years. If you are born in a country with high US immigration, you might not be eligible. You must note that eligibility is mainly based on your country of birth.

You can log in to the website of the US embassy in your country to check if your country is eligible or take an eligibility test before applying for the program.

The following countries are currently ineligible to apply for the Diversity visa lottery

Bangladesh, India, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Pakistan, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, South Korea, united kingdom (northern Ireland not included), Vietnam, Dominican Republic.

If you are still not sure, you can contact the team of immigration experts at Green Card Organization.

You can be eligible based on your parent or spouse country of birth.

If you were born in any of the ineligible countries, you can also become eligible if you claim your parent/spouse’s country of birth which is not included in the ineligible countries. You can only use this option if your spouse or parent does not reside in your country of birth at the time of your birth. You will then be charged to your parent/spouse’s country of eligibility if both you and your parent/spouse are selected on the Diversity visa lottery application. Therefore, you must be sure that your parent/spouse is eligible and will be issued a Diversity green card. Both of you will then use the green card to enter the United States. While filing your DV visa lottery form, make sure you have the support immigration expert from the greencardorganization for professional consultation.

You can become eligible if you have a US education history or a foreign education equivalent

To become eligible for a Diversity visa lottery, you must have completed a 12 years Education history which includes Elementary and Secondary Education in the US. However, if you have completed an equivalent formal education course in a foreign country. The period for this education could be less than or greater than twelve years.

You can become eligible based on work experience.

You could also become eligible if you have excellent and exceptional work experience and special abilities in some specified field of work such as education, science, medicines, craft, engineering, social science, technology, mining, music, entertainment, Administration and management, etc. Any of these professions must require that you have undergone a minimum of two years’ experience before you are allowed to practice. Greencardorganization will help you to choose the right work experience that will confirm your eligibility.

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