Diversity Immigration Visa Lottery

This program is set up to assist individuals from other countries with a poor rate of immigration into the US. Diversity immigration visa lottery gives room for up to 50000 new immigrants as it ensures that individuals all have visas and is normally available annually. It is incredible as it is not created to help specific individuals rather it’s for the purpose of helping people from different countries. Selections are usually made all around the world.

The good thing about being a lottery winner is the privilege you have to immigrate gradually into the country. What does this mean? It simply means that, as soon as you are qualified to be among their lottery winners,  you are immediately told to reside outside of the country. This doesn’t make it more difficult as you still have a nice opportunity through the issuance of a visa and the consular processing.

Every year they’re normally a small number of people that qualify for the diversity immigration visa lottery program. The period at which they receive this lottery, they still reside in the United States of America as a non-immigrant. As of 2017, there was an estimate of more than 20 million people who had just applied for the lottery program.

Bear in mind that when applying for the diversity immigration visa lottery program there are other fraudulent schemes that may likely deceive you into believing that you can win it through other ways. The truth is for you to be fully qualified to win this lottery, you must apply under the States department website and enter your full data. You shouldn’t worry about the cost as the program is free. For over a decade in the past, many attempts have been created to close the diversity immigration visa lottery program but all have been to no avail. Instead of reducing, it gained a higher increment in 2017 and even became more recognized after the death of the 8 individuals who were killed during a terrorist attack.


For you to be qualified to enroll in this program, you must be born from an eligible country. You being selected doesn’t automatically give you an assurance that the visa will be granted to you. It is compulsory to have at least a high school education or have two-year working experience. Also, immigration has some requirements which include good health, no past criminal record, and means of support. Eligibility for the diversity immigration visa lottery program is determined by the applicant’s place of birth. Where He/she decided presently is not needed only where the individual was born.

Keep in mind that registration may be less of a problem but there are cases where people get lost which is why you need to pay attention to a lot of different things when filling the forms. It is enough to make a small mistake and then the candidate will be disqualified for a year from participating in the lottery automatically. It is far better to use the services of our company.

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