Can I Get A Green Card?

We all know that a green card is a very important document for most of us, as it is the key to becoming a citizen of the United States. Having a green card, which is also known as a permanent resident card, allows you to legally work and live in the United States. However, the foremost issue with getting a green card starts with the question ‘Can I get a green card’? A major aspect of applying for a green card is actually being eligible to get a green card. By virtue of U.S immigration law, people who qualify or are eligible to apply for a green card, are certain narrow categories of people. So, the answer to the question of if you can get a green card will depend if you fit into one of the eligible categories.

Who is Eligible?

As stated above, people who want to apply for a green card have to fall into certain categories in order to be eligible. These categories are; Through your Family, through your employer, through a special category such as refugee status. Therefore, if you determine that you fit into any of the above categories, then you are eligible. Furthermore, for the purpose of increasing your chances, these categories will be highlighted below.

Green Card Through Your Family.

If you fit into this category, then you are a lucky one, as this is the most popular category for green card eligibility. If you have a family relative who is a citizen of the United States or a green card holder, you can petition for a green card. This category provides the easiest and fastest method for obtaining a green card. Here, your close relative who is a U.S citizen is allowed to petition for spouses, parents over 21 years of age and for unmarried children under 21 years of age. This is achieved by your family relative who is a U.S citizen legally establishing a relationship using USCIS Form I-130 petition for alien relative. The aforesaid application is followed by Form I-485, which is an adjustment of status. This process will ultimately lead to you acquiring a green card.

Green Card Through Employment.

This is a broader category than that of going through family. This is because this category doesn’t just refer to aid from your employer, rather, it includes getting a green card through investments and having a specialized job. First off, if you’ve received an offer for permanent employment in the U.S, then your employer can be part of your petition for a green card. Also, in regards to investments as a means to obtain a green card, investors can get a green card by putting enough money into U.S businesses.

Getting a Green Card Through Refugee or Asylee Status.

As earlier stated, you can get a green card by fitting into a special category. To this, being a refugee or an asylee is one of such categories. Hence, immigrants who entered the U.S as a refugee or asylee can apply for a green card. However, there can only apply a year after entering the country.

Conclusively, the answer to ‘can I get a green card’ lies with which category you can fit into. Furthermore, though you can personally research and determine your eligible category, you can also employ the services of the company, to help you determine your eligibility and obtain your green card.

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