American green card lottery

Live in the USA with American green card lottery

Don’t have a family member in the US to sponsor you nor employment in the country? Don’t worry. You can still live and work in the USA. How? Through the American green card lottery. The country gives away more than 55,000 green cards to people through its unique American Green card lottery. And the best part about this lottery is that almost anyone can participate in it.

The American Green Card Lottery: Making Participation Easy

One thing the USA is known for is its diverse culture. You can find people belonging to different traditions, culture, and professions. To continue its tradition of inclusivity and diversity, the participation for the American Green card lottery has been made very easy. The USA wants people belonging to a wide variety of backgrounds and culture to apply for the lottery. Considering the number of green cards distributed in this program, the probability of you getting a visa through the green card lottery is quite high. If you are not eligible to apply for a green card through other methods, the green card lottery is your best bet.

The process

To apply for the American Green Card lottery, you are required to fill in a comprehensive form. Make sure to do so with immense caution. The form is very detailed and missing out on any information can automatically disqualify you from the lottery. This is why professional help should be sought during the process.

Once the application submission closes, the computer of the State Department with select successful applicants randomly. If you are lucky, you will get a post within eight months of the approval for your green card. If you are not selected, you won’t be informed at all.

After the selection process, the State Department will conduct interviews with those who have succeeded. This will be done in the embassies of the home country of the individuals. The invitation for your interview will be given at least four weeks prior to it being scheduled. After the interview and verifying your eligibility, visas will be issued on a monthly process. This means that even after the random selection, you don’t necessarily get a visa. There are processes you must pass through successfully.

What do we offer

Thinking of applying for the entire process on your own? Well, this will increase your chances of making errors and hence being disqualified from the lottery. Since you can’t apply for the lottery every other day, it is advised that you seek professional help during the professional process. And this is where we come in.

We offer:

  • Free Eligibility test: Rather than going through the hassle of applying for the lottery only to realize you are not eligible, avail our free test to find out your eligibility.
  • Precise filling of the application: We ensure that all information is accurately delivered in your application to guarantee that you don’t get disqualified from the lottery
  • Interview preparation: We tell you what to expect in the interview so that you don’t fumble.


Apply for the lottery. Try your luck.

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