The price of the string will be added to your order once processed. As an aside, the Tour version has better feel and slightly different playing characteristics. The biggest issue is the clumsy thick beam. Length: 27 in. How Wilson engineered this is a mystery to me. Wilson Clash 98. *If the string you want is not in the menu, select "String not in this menu" and on the next page type the name of the string into the stringing instructions. Standard Length. From: Anonymous, 3/9/19, Comments: I play a small head, thin beam racquet but had to try this out to see if the hype is true. Much like its lighter brother, the Clash 100 Pro’s easy power was immediately evident. You'll also find it easy to scramble on defense or crank winners on the run. It is fun to play with this racquet.From: Sittichoke, 6/7/19, Comments: This is a great doubles racquet. I'm reminded of the Babolat Aero whatever that I tried some years back which provided near uncontrollable power with likewise spin. Vous recevrez votre coupon par Email sous peu. I have to play with a controlled swing. Beginners spray more balls. I believe when strung too tight, the tightness of the string actually precludes the head from flexing as it was designed too. While this is an all-around frame, it excels on serves and volleys thanks to its friendly swingweight and solid feel at impact. Also, there's no vibration with off center shots, no dampener used. Play it in stock form as the racquet it was designed to be (first time I˙ve ever said that!). Price: $249.00 & FREE Shipping: Grip Size: 4-1/2 4-1/2. Updated with a new grommet system. I don˙t know how but this racquet can block balls as effectively as a 345g racquet with a swingweight of 335. I did not volley with it however. All in all, Wilson has created an impressive weapon for the intermediate player who wants a light player's racket with an explosive delivery and outstanding feel. With my old racquet (which is still great), the 2015 Wilson Blade 104, when I received heavy balls from power players, I had to be properly balanced and winded up to be able to return properly. Bought the Clash due to rotator cuff partial tears, arm tendonitis. It felt much lighter than my Pure Strike 16x19, yet the strung weights are very close. 4). Flex felt fine. The handle shape is not Wilson˙s usual. The Clash gives me so much more confidence than I have ever had, probably jumping my level up by half a level in two days of playing with it. Technifibre x-one - same as natural gut, extreme control but no power. The Clash 100 Tour matches all the hype through a combination of best-in-class control and flexibility. My groundstrokes and ball shape are so much more consistent. If you buy two, get the specs checked before you buy because the quality control between racquets can be way off. l find tension around 50 pounds is my sweetspot. I find I like the stick best with .5g blue tack in the tail and strung 54 pounds Tour Bite 16 and 53 pounds 16g Pro Hurricane Tour. The rep told me that due to the flex, he recommended that the racquet to be strung up no more than 45 lbs. String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Our Review . If you are a singles player with a big topspin forehand like Rafa or Dominic Thiem, you are going to love crushing the ball with this soft flex, stable, control frame if it's strung appropriately. We took this Clash 100UL playtest with a string setup of Wilson NXT at 50lbs, but check out our Best Tennis String Tension Guide to find out the best combination for your tennis. The manifestation of Wilson's most noteworthy racket innovation, Clash 100 features a pair of technologies that work together to create ultimate control. From: LC, 7/10/19, Comments: Super comfortable and very stable at its weight. And also I think it can depend on what racquet you were using before having a hit with this. For me, string the racquet up with nylon at 58 lbs or do a combo with poly about 53 lbs, nylon about 58 lbs, then experiment. Using it with Tecnifibre Multifeel 17 with 51 lbs tension.From: Vipm, 2/27/19, Comments: I understand that racquet choices are very personal and what works for you does not mean that it works for someone else. Keep up to date with the breaking news & tennis action at our tennis news section; Win amazing prizes by entering our competitions Probably better suited to singles baseline players than doubles players as the relatively light weight (and soft flex) of the Clash 100 can get pushed around a bit during net exchanges in doubles. Headsize: 645cm�. Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm². I remembered that time when Babolat came out with their white knight, the Pure Strike (Project One 7), I was really excited but only to be disappointed by it in the end. It is light but solid, the power is excellent, and the control is nice. Free delivery over 150 € 30 days money-back guarantee. There was noticeably less spin and while there was decent pop, the string bed felt dead (I do not even use a vibration dampener). From: Matt, 5/3/19, Comments: Feedback is all over the board. *If the string you want is not in the menu, select "String not in this menu" and on the next page type the name of the string into the stringing instructions. For players who string themselves, it's easy to tinker with string set ups at will. 4-3/8. HL. ... Wilson Clash 100 & Clash 100 Tour: Key Specs Clash 100 Clash 100 Tour; Headsize: 100 sq. Strung with Head IntelliTour 17g at 48 lbs.From: Scott, 2/17/19, Comments: Just received and hit with this frame for the 1st time, I have been using the Blade 98. Follow the instructions below for selecting a string and be sure to enter the tension. It feels stiffer. Profitez des frais d'expédition offerts pour toute commande supérieure à 100 €, Ballon de basket EVO NXT Champions League, Rencontrez les artisans de Wilson Football, Ballon non officiel de Friday Night Lights, Fabrication du ballon de football GST Prime, WR005611U1, WR005611U2, WR005611U3, WR005611U4, La taille du tamis de 100 po² (645 cm²) et le poids de la raquette offrent un équilibre idéal entre puissance et contrôle, Bénéficiant de la modélisation carbone exclusive, FreeFlex permet au cadre de se plier dans de nouvelles dimensions pour un contact maximal de la balle et un contrôle ultime, Avec sa géométrie unique, StableSmart est le cadre le plus flexible de l’histoire du tennis, offrant une stabilité et une puissance inégalées, Le Parallel Drilling offre une réponse plus régulière et tolérante du tamis, Le design épuré aux lignes claires, les accents de couleurs vives et la finition élastique qui caractérisent l’ADN des raquettes de performance Wilson, Processus complet de retour des articles d’essai, Recevez 22 Euros de réduction sur votre prochain achat sur The firm density of that dampener also made the stringbed feel a little firmer which l ead to a little more reassurance and confidence in match conditions. The stringbed can be erratic (the TW reviewers also commented on this), and I'm not really sure why. The feel and comfort is perfect. Both have a 100 square-inch head, 16×19 string pattern and a constant 24.5 mm beam. It has enabled me to play with a poly. String Pattern: 16x19. Of the two Clash frames, the 100 Tour is more erratic than the regular 100. I strung this frame at 57 pounds with a full bed of Solinco Tour Bite 17 and it felt great. The Clash helps me play the type of tennis that is smooth and Roger like.From: Mike, 3/31/19, Comments: So, with 50 years of tennis playing under my belt, and living through one fad or another of tennis technology, here's the deal with the new Clash frames (I've hit with both the 100 and 100 Tour and this review focuses on the 100). Strung Weight: 312g / 11oz. I highly recommend this frame.From: Bob, 6/1/19, Comments: At first when I strung this racquet with a full bed of multifilament I couldn't control the depth without adding loads and loads of topspin all the time. Stringing information for Wilson Clash 100 Racquet: Tension … *This racket ships unstrung. If strung properly in the mid-40 lbs range (poly or co-poly) or upper 40's (control multi) you can feel the head flex and the ball pocket. This racquets arm-friendliness with a full polyester string-bed, strung even at a high tension, is unmatched. Standard Length. As always, Tennis Warehouse is extremely helpful.From:Jose, 4/19/19, Comments: After hearing all the hype I had to take this stick for a demo. Would also be nice to know from someone who's currently using the racket. I'm a 4.5 player (55 years old) and retired teaching pro. This is a great racquet with the right string.From: LC, 5/31/19, Comments: I'm a 3.0 on good days, I struggle with groundstrokes and I have an above average serve, which I've relied on way too much to the detriment of not seeing returns and not working balls around the court. Like all wide beam racquets, it lacks feel that I am accustomed to. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. love this racket, I have 3 clash 100, but you have to use the right strings and the right tension. I feel that it holds the ball on the strings so long that I can swing as hard as I want and still keep the ball in play with good power. Overall, the stick is different and I like it. The 24.5 mm beam and beefier 11.4 oz strung weight allowed me to generate easy power and penetrating shots off both sides. *This racket ships unstrung. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Balance: 31,8 cm strung. As an example, if I'm using my go- to multi, Tecnifibre Multi-Feel 17g, in most frames I will string at 60 lbs and after a couple of hits the string will settle in effectively around 56 lbs. That dials in the control for me.From: Chris, 6/6/19, Comments: I absolutely hated this frame. Headsize: 645cm�. Other strings feel dull. The frame is weighted perfectly.From: Alan, 5/9/19, Comments: The Wilson Clash has some good and not so good aspects. Length: 27in / 68.58cm. I get depth consistently within a foot of the baseline, big bounces force my opponent back and they hit short. Bumping the swingweight helps Boost power for flat first serves but lead at 12 alters the feel and flex. String Pattern : 16 x 19. It feels a little like the old Dunlop 300G I used to use in the 80's, but not as clumsy feeling. 2 rackets plus Wilson Clash Duffle Bag Small is 397,82 €. Alu power 52 pounds - nice string on the racket but tension loss is a problem, after 3 or 4 sessions (1-2 hour sessions), the string feels dead. It gets very erratic and hard to produce spin. If you … You can do a poly hybrid and still have great feel and touch. To accommodate such a flexible frame construction, StableSmart features a unique Unstrung Weight: 9.9oz/ 280g. My partner tried it and could not get any depth at all. But for the majority of players, they may find there is going to have to be some experimenting with string setups until you find something that allows the frame to play as it was designed to. This fits your . Strung with RPM at 52. The plush feel on contact is so so good. Although I would be very thankful to hear your suggestions about how I should string it. Swingweight: 300. My previous racquet was the Prince Textreme 100TX 16x18 which is not available in the US market, I live in Hong Kong. Easy on the arm and wrist, plenty of controlled power. It's okay on forehand side as you get great pace, but the spin is only average. Head Size : 100 sq in / 645 sq cm. Wilson Clash 100 Pro Tennis Racquet - Wilson. It felt like a crisp, modern, tweener racquet. Based on playing both frames, I prefer the normal Clash 100, and will add some lead tape to it to bump up the swingweight a bit as the Clash 100 Tour just plays too erratic from the baseline for me. The Clash comes in your standard length of 27 inches and features a very reasonable 100 square inch head size with a 16×19 string pattern. Hit the court with Clash 100 Pro and reach levels of confidence in your game that you've never felt before. This is not a frame I would consider a control frame. Balance: 12.79in / 32.49cm / 6 pts HL. Elle privilégie la cohérence par rapport à la puissance brute, mais offre tout même suffisamment de force dans les services et les frappes au sol pour se mesurer aux plus fortes de la catégorie. balibum, 21/7/20, I usually play with heavier, thin beamed racquets at 98 or less. Flat, good, but the thick beam meant that kick serves and also slices were a little vague. A few tips: 1) It is very string sensitive. Was playing with the Babolat Pure Drive Lite with tape at 3,6,12). String pattern: 16x19. If I try to muscle up like I had to with my Head Radical, the ball flies long and I do not have the control that I need. 4-1/4. The great feel comes in part from its low stiffness level (55-RA), which gives it a nice boost in pocketing, dwell time and control. Felt great on the forehand side, but it lacks plow through, especially on the backhand. I added 8 grams of lead tape in positions 3 head and 9 head, which brought more balance in weight and greater stability, making it perfect.From: Pedro, 4/1/19, Comments: Update to my first review. It does have a unique feel to it. My current stick is last years Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail. not the most powerful strings but I can generate my own power so I am loving it. To accommodate such a flexible frame construction, StableSmart features a unique Been a game changer, super excited we found the perfect stick for his game. I have played 11 sets over that last 3 days and I have no elbow issues. If I get too excited, and try to overpower shots, I do lose some control. RPM blast 52 pounds - my favourite strings on it and had great feel, power and spin. I have never played with as light of a frame, but one which still feels stable as if it's 15- 20 grams heavier. This racquet is as heavy as the Wilson Clash 100 tour, but it feels a bit more compact because of the size of the head. Not sure if the Clash is worth $250, but try it out for yourself. The sweetspot is huge; so far fewer off center shots are landing short. The hype is also real regarding the stability of the regular 100, based on its strung weight and swingweight (the more important number). 10 comments. Both racquets played similar and felt comfortable, they were strung with Wilson Sensation at 55 pounds. Although it lacks the stability and mass-based pop of a traditionally weighted player's racket, it rewards clean mechanics with good results, and there's more than enough feel for executing sharp angles or malicious droppers. Length : 27 in / 68.58 cm. Also a stiff string such as Alu Power Rough plays best when strung low in my opinion. Hitting volleys are easy. (295 grams) and 10 pts. Demo Program At A Glance: Welcome to Wilson’s Demo Racket Program, an initiative designed for you to try out our all-new Clash 100 and discover what all the hype is about. La Clash retient la balle 23 % plus longtemps que la raquette leader avant de la propulser hors du plan de cordage. I tried it and am hooked. It gives you that awesome rich feel, great touch, and slice. Wilson Clash Racquet Review – First Impressions. It felt way too light with no sense of plow through. This one is on the lighter side so it is great for beginners and intermediates/advance who like a lighter frame.From: james_n, 3/8/19, Comments: Unbelievable! FreeFlex uses proprietary carbon mapping to generate new dimensions of frame bending, giving players free-swinging accuracy with every stroke. They are used to smaller head sizes, and the Clash 98 performs well by shedding just a couple square inches. Avec sa Clash 100 Tour, Wilson a mis au point une raquette de joueur explosive qui combine une facilité aux effets, une puissance tout en contrôle et de très bonnes sensations. Buy tennis rackets, balls, clothes, strings and shoes with a 5% DISCOUNT on the lowest internet price PLUS a free string upgrade (worth £30) from our trusted retail partner All Things Tennis. I usually can't use a polyester string due to elbow issues. It is not for pushers. Because of this, player's at the sub-3.5 NTRP level are going to have issues using the Clash. Cela donne des raquettes qui ne demandent qu’à être prises en main et à offrir un avantage psychologique aux joueurs qui auront l’audace de les adopter. Volleys are fun and pack a punch as well. Wilson Clash 100L Specs . Overall a great racquet and my stick for the up coming USTA season. Coming from nCode, Pro Staffs, and Yonex DR 98. Serve just didn't click for me. This locks the stringbed and reduces the launch angle - it works. String pattern: 16x18. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Natural Gut (Babolat) strung at 52 pounds - great control but no power. Head Size: 100 in² / 645cm² Length: 27in / 68.5 cm Strung Weight: 11.oz Balance: 12.59in / 7 pts HL Swingweight: 312 Stiffness: 55 Material: Graphite String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses The specifications of Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet reveal its class. If you have a double handed backhand and park yourself on the baseline then this is good as the depth was impressive. According to Wilson, the flexible feel is achieved with the help of two innovative material technologies, FreeFlex and StableSmart, both of which help deliver the benefits of flexibility without compromising the crisp and solid feel that marks the best modern player's rackets. I use my RF 97 for singles. With both frames, if you are off balance, or reaching for a shot that maybe you miscalculated the bounce on, or are pulling off on a shot and being defensive, the ball will unexpectedly just launch off the frame from time to time. Didn't feel the supposed added flex. Savings: 3,00 €, 2 rackets plus Wilson Clash Tour 3 Comp Bag is 437,82 €. 27 in. String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Our Review. I received two demo racquets, the Pro Staff Team and Clash. Yes, the feel is addictive, the sweet spot is huge, it puts a smile on your face, allows you to get the racquet above your shoulder easily and to hit shots you didn˙t think you could (anymore, if you˙re older!). Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm²Length: 27in / 68,5cmStrung Weight: 326g / 11,5ozUnstrung Weight: 310g/10,9ozBalance: 31,5cm / 9 pts HLSwingweight: 322String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses From: BK, 3/3/19, Comments: Bought the Clash 100 after enjoying it during a demo. He said it was a soft string. Unstrung Weight : 265 g * Pros often customize the racket they use. share. La Clash est 100 % aussi stable que la raquette numéro 1 du marché. Unstrung Weight: 295g/10,4oz. Lighter stick means so much more maneuverable that allowed me to generate more head speed, slightly larger head, and sweetspot was quite generous. This racquet played really light for me. String pattern: 16×19; String tension: 21-25 kg (recommended) Here we find three characteristics in which the Wilson differs significantly from other rackets. *, * SELON LES TESTS INTERNES D’INDICE DE RIGIDITÉ RÉALISÉS AU CENTRE D’INNOVATION WILSON ENTRE OCTOBRE 2016 ET JANVIER 2019, Inscrivez-vous à la Newsletter Wilson pour recevoir 10% de réduction sur votre premier achat sur*. If I try to overhit, the ball goes long and loses control. I love that. I played about 18 hours with this racquet. It is softer, so I believe it's a little harder to track the accuracy of my ball, but many times it has given me a better shot as well. An even bigger difference is the stiffness of the Clash 100. Forehand: Very good and found more angles with my shots. If you open up your shoulders too early and "arm" your serve, this frame will not give you anymore added MPH. A slightly lighter option than the Tour 100 (310), this racket delivers controllable power, easy spin and great feel to intermediate players. First serve is going in 30% more, or close to 80%. Select the grip size you'd like from the menu below. Groundstrokes … There are two frames in the initial launch: Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour. From: Jay, 2/18/19, Comments: The flex is great. There was a sizable sweet spot on the 100 square inch head and I felt the Tour had a more consistent power level outside the string bed. Head Size: 100 in² / 645.16 cm² . The engineering on this racquet has allowed Wilson to keep the weight off but maintain playing characteristics to support modern stroke mechanics and produce a ball that you get from heavier racquets. For folks who hit the sweetspot regularly, the feel of the frame is truly addictive and about as un-Babolat as you can get these days. Sure, anyone can play with it but if you want to unlock what it can really do, you need to have Nadal or Thiem type topspin strokes and really go for your shots and trust the racquet. However, I had a hard time hitting groundstrokes and my wrist felt some pain on some flat shots. 7). I then tried a very soft poly, Polyfibre Cobra at 52 pounds, and the Clash was transformed. 100 sq. Age Group : Adult. From: Geoff, 3/17/19, Comments: My 11 year old son just switched to this racquet two weeks ago. If you are a clean Djokovich style ball striker, have great footwork like Roger or Jimmy Connors, and only play on hard courts where bad bounces are few and far between, then maybe the stringbed issues won't bother you. Wilson's former Burn FST line also suffered from erratic string bed performance. With the Clash 100 Pro Wilson has created a uniquely flexible modern player's racquet with easy spin, controllable power and great feel. Both frames are best suited to 3.5+ players with developed groundstrokes, who prefer control oriented response versus raw attacking power. String Pattern: 16x20. Very arm-friendly. By default for best results, the string for this frame features Luxilon 4G 125 on the mains and Wilson NXT 16 on the crosses, with a tension of 53 lbs. I do think the stick does have a 20 percent lower power level than my stiffer sticks, but I do love the deeper ball and more consistent nature of it. Affichant un poids de 310 grammes non cordée, la Clash 100 Tour est destinée aux joueurs intermédiaires à avancés. This racquet provides easy power and spin of which I'm jealous. If two-piece stringing: Start X’s at top at 7H. $249.00 . the only issue was I started to get arm and elbow pain. In my opinion, the racquet is good for strong beginners but most recommended for intermediate and advanced players. It's given me confidence in my forehands shots, half volleys and net play. For some tennis players, moving to a 100 square inch racquet is a bit too much. This is totally different than any of the racquets out there, and I have tried them all. I am a 4.0 singles player.From: Mike, 2/19/19, Comments: Played with this several times over the last 10 days.

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