Gross mishits were eliminated and are not included in the shot counts. A brilliant plan to keep old guys on the golf course longer. One day you’re going to be nostalgic for the good ol’ days when you could push out there to a reasonable distance away from the tee and want something to help your game and to help you enjoy it more. CARL’S PLACE IMPACT SCREENS, THE REAL DEAL? During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture below. I honestly don’t know why most amateurs don’t use high COR drivers, especially as we age, they help regain much of the lost distance and are a ball to hit. It makes sense, doesn’t it: a longer swing means more room to pick up velocity, and a lighter driver golf club means less work in the backswing. Grooves. I'll see what degree of shaving they would recommend based on my swing speed with a driver and see what kind of ball speed and yardage gains I get with a shaved driver. I mean, you’re not playing with this illegal club in a handicapped round or club event are you? Other types of illegal golf drivers include, oversized golf drivers (460cc or larger), anti-slice and extra long (over 48 inches in length) golf drivers. For the longest possible distance gains the club head can be reduced in weight by as much as 20 grams less than standard driver heads to accommodate longer club lengths such as 47” to 48”. Would have been better if you broke down the results according to swing speed groupings. Ending Thursday at 9:41AM PST 2d 7h. well, capitalism is great , and I am always happy to see a success story. The data suggest that the shaved face driver does exactly what it is intended to do: Shaving the face of a driver produces ball speeds on average of 4 mph faster than a stock head. Good grief., No matter the score, Tiger Woods still matters to golf, Dustin Johnson Suspend from PGA due to failed cocaine test. You will notice that clubs with thinner faces will have less durability. FWIW at that proposed club head speed a driver face that has been shaved will fail relatively quick. Just leave your driver alone and hit it in the fairway. Isn’t golf about playing by the rules even when your by yourself. I was trying to imply a different perspective, that the faces seem to already be too thin. The guys over at WHD have this thing down to a science. We can Shave any Driver or titanium fairway wood. Can you update this with information about club speed and smash factor? Ping. Your driver is now non-conforming, but you’ll yack dingers all day long and impress your buddies. I will assume that those calling this cheating never use the slope function on their range finder and turn in that score for their handicap. See the fur on his arms is green? besides i see fat too many mulligans and gimmies every time i play…. VJ used to do his drivers and have them shave it in the impact zone of the face with the grain running from sole to crown. I started using a Krank long drive head with a cut down shaft as it doesn’t break. If you have anything you would like to trade let me know, I will also sell for the advertised price, thanks. Using illegal equipment or moving to the ladies tees, or any one of a thousand other bad ideas folks come up with to make the game “more enjoyable” is what is really hurting golf. Share on Twitter. Expensive, off the rack golf drivers pretty much all hit the same and work fine for younger golfers with high swing speeds. Expect a 2 to 5 year lifespan for drivers and woods. I hear bowling is a lot of fun, beer is involved, and you still get to wear ridiculous clothes without raising an eyebrow…. These differences will cause some players to pick up significant distance when having a driver shaved while others won't pick up much at all. It’s actually annoying. We have very few problems with durabilty when our suggested COR shaving levels (based on a player's swing speed) are adhered to. Known for her vibrant red hair, she plans to shave her head live on Facebook once her goal of $1000 is reached. Best golf drivers for distance and accuracy in 2020. I challenge every person who uses a shaved club to formally announce it to your friends before teeing off, see how that goes over. If you use a shaved club when playing with friends you are cheating them, if you only use it when you are playing by yourself, then you are cheating you. I’m not sure how they can guarantee gaining 10 yards. Any driver that appears on these lists is conforming, and, therefore, "legal" to use under the Rules of Golfer.

shaving golf driver heads

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