The problem is the tall chair does not just raise the back. Folks seem to like their Palisander / Black chair for the most part on and price is reasonable but there's either mixed reviews or no reviews at all on other options. The only issue I have is with the smell of the foam sticking around for a bit. Normally their Eames lounge chairs aren't even out on the floor but we called in advance and they were kind enough to bring them out of the warehouse. @alex I wasn’t able to get a clear answer on MHD. To sum up, what to say in conclusion? This chair & ottoman are built as the same dimensions as the real chair. The chair itself sits close to the floor, so I cant imagine your legs wont touch the floor. And, for these removable cushions, it’ll be easier to clean. at a quarter of the price. Anyone know what happened? My friend just got a sweet mid century house in Orlando and I am helping him find some good mid century furniture online and people just want to know stuff that is not crap. Now, I would not expect it to have the same quality as higher-priced knock-offs, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ultimately I decided on the Urban Furnishing ultra premium version because even though their discount code was less, their free shipping made it about $150 cheaper than MHD. Wow, how un-coincidental, that they all popped up all at once immediately after urbanfurnishings posted themselves. Their point is  that they don’t get the dimensions right. Higher quality ultimately may mean less cost due to more years of use. Can anyone comment on how the Rove Concepts chair compares to the others mentioned here? Usually when someone writes a review favorable to Rove you'll start to see some similar sounding fake reviews about other brands or they will start slamming Rove. Why? If I would mainly watch tv from the chair maybe it would be more important. Smart Consumer Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program and get commission for qualified purchase. I'm not sure about the wood components, but MHD uses the Vitra style hardware vs. the Herman Miller style that is found on the UF. Thank you. I really like mid century modern and modern design. So for those out there looking to import knock offs from China, just know you run the risks. I nearly had them all sent off to be re stuffed with proper foam and feathers for another $1k or so but couldn’t spend that much more on a replica. recovered and wood refinished. Yes, Brad is right. So, the only leather options they have left are the shiny leathers in limited quantity. The don't state it, and given that it's a big deal, it would seem that if they did offer that feature then they would mention it. What a great thread. I think that some reviewers mistake the 15 degree perma-tilt base for 15 degrees of flex. I definately think the chair is comfortable, but it is the most comfortable chair you can own? I do like a little pillow behind my neck and upper shoulders since the back doesnt come up high...the back isnt a headrest. I was wondering if someone had recommendations to buy an excellent replica of the Eames Lounge chair in Canada. dmchenry, I'm looking too. I realize it's a lounge chair and not a recliner and I have always loved the elegant design. Bring great art into your home and make it a neighborhood of your life! I have watched video reviews for sub $500 versions of the chair and the veneer doesn't even look like real wood.!product/prd1/3749336551/eames-lounge-chair-%26-ottoman-black-walnut. It' really beautiful! Either from Urban Furnishing, Manhattan Home Design, or from anyone else? So I have to trust the reviews and experience of others to guide my choice. EModern is a beautifully finished, faithful replica of the real Eames Chair at an affordable rate. One other small detail I noticed is that the HM chair swiveled more freely than mine. This was a successful internet purchase! Not sure if I want to dish out 5k for the herman miller. I stumbled upon this thread looking for a replica of the lounge chair, and would definitely go with UF if the cushioning has been updated to match the specs of the Herman Miller version. This brand has been selling on Amazon. They assembled the chairs before shipping them to you so if they are indeed YADEA boxes you would never be able to tell... Couldn't find enough info to tell how good their replicas might really be. I believe the top portion of the chair is meant to support the arch on back of your neck as you lean back in a lounge position as the chair is design to do, rather than the back of your head.. this might be a common misconception.. Urban Furnishing's chair feels great. SO TAKE THAT YOU **** IDIOT! Manhattan Home Design. Prior to this, the UF chair (and all currently available similar replicas I'm aware of) used closed cell PU injection molded foam. Better yet, have a seat that has you written all over it, Eames' Comfy Shell Chair Adds Welcome Curves, Wire or Wood to a Room, Simple modern table is light and versatile enough for every room in the house, Rectangular, oval, round or square: Here are ways to choose your dining table shape (or make the most of the one you already have), Meet the next generations of Eameses and tour their Sonoma County home and workshop, Relax into Father’s Day with this collection of inviting recliners and lounge chairs, More colors, styles and materials than ever? It was shipped fast, packed well, and after some communication issues with UPS, dropped at my door, up one flight of stairs. Does anyone have a recommendation based on experience as to which is best quality and experience ? I will keep you posted on my decision. Looks like code is still working, not sure when it will expire or have a limit in usage.. Good Luck! I have been thinking about this chair for the past 2 years probably. @Jake Potts - your chair is white with darker stained wood (looks like palisander). After reading reviews on this site, and many others, I decided to go with Urban Furnishing (Tall) . i would rather hold out and find a Plycraft or other maker from the 50's-60's than buy a cheap imitation. Are you too tall. As far as the flex of the seat I have a hard time judging it. The extra 2.5" wasn't enough for me, but everyone is different. I recently bought the reporduction Eames Lounge chair from You must remember that you are dealing with a strange culture and that cut-throat tactics are a standard part of Chinese business practices. You would have to be an expert to pick up on differences between these two chairs. My wife said I should put casters on the chair base because I never get out of it, and if I need to move, I can just roll. InstyleModern apparently does not carry it anymore. Everyone is just looking for something that provides 95% of the Herman Miller quality at a quarter of the price. I know I will. But when I do sit in it, I enjoy it a lot. I contacted Danny at UF and he was very responsive and had the replacement parts sent out to me quickly and at no cost. Dimensions are the most important aesthetic of the design. Who knows. All the chairs given below,  have a warranty. Yes, I wanted an original. HomeRoots Furniture provides one of the most effective replicas of Eames Lounge Chair. Will report back. The chair features premium Aniline leather and 7 layers of plywood. To my eye the chair seems to be mounted to the base at the correct angle and it does provide *some* type of flex... since I've never tried sitting in an original eames, I cannot say how much flex or if it does so correctly, as per the original. Urban Furnishing is a complete scam. Photos on the MHD website, show the cushions held on by velcro, rather than clips. They won’t their value either. So, if you are purchasing an Ultra Premium model chair from UF, what you are getting is actually the top of the line chair produced by Jerry Chang's YADEA manufacturing plant in Schenzen China. I ended up with an Urban Furnishing chair and am very pleased with it. Design Within Reach offers no-interest credit for 2 years and I’d rather have a small monthly payment than use a high interest credit card to buy something I’ll regret buying later. See, this is the sort of crap that makes people mistrust “reviews” that are posted here and elsewhere. After speaking with them and checking their site to insure it was indeed the same chair that was selling (Model PF-021-1-D), I decided to go with them.

replica eames lounge chair and ottoman premium version

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