"Cana, we need one more lift, in the way I see it." When we talk about summon spells, you need to realize that there are two kinds of summoning spells: a spell to summon an object and a spell to summon a spirit. HP This thread is archived. Getting all the souls is not required due to the fact that he drops a piece of Dragon, Titan, or Spectral armor every time you kill him. The trophy had a lower drop rate than the mask, but nowadays it’s more common to find a trophy than a mask. Monster Like a window into their day-to-day life, Ocram census records can tell you where and how your ancestors worked, their level of education, veteran status, and more. Suspicious Looking Skull Ocram's name is "Marco" (the name of Ocram's programmer) spelled backwards. 13-30 Souls of Blight Attack He should go down in a matter of 4 minutes or less. Crafting The Suspicious Looking Skull is a craftable hardmode item used to summon Ocram. ocram drops ? Ocram's Demon scythes can inflict the 'Darkness' debuff just like any other Demon scythes. "Attack the Eate-" Cody sighed. You will have to craft the summoning item for a specific monster via specific materials. does anyone know if in a world with titanium instead of adamantite does he still drop adamantite. Terraria Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Ocram drops the least amount of souls for any boss monster, resulting in the need to defeat him 7-14 times in order to obtain enough souls to craft the new armors/weapons (205 souls). "Although I'm the queen, I'm not as evil as you think. Ocram Mask Questions. While the Servants are weak on their own, they spawn in large numbers. The Destroyer or The Motherboard The Twins Skeletron Prime The Peacekeeper If an Ocram is already summoned, the skull will not function and will not be consumed. Posted by 6 years ago. Move left and right so that he charges at the player horizontally (giving more time to shoot him) since he is not under the player. Terraria Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ocram tends to get closer to the player than most bosses. This unfortunately does not work so well after Ocram has transformed, but it is a good strategy to rack up lots of damage. You can see the latest music videos, movies, tv shows, funny, extreme videos on … This item summons Ocram, a mobile/console-exclusive boss, witch drops a … It still spawns minions in its second form, and additionally fires lasers and scythes similar to that of Demons. Due to the high velocity of Ocram's Scythes, they can go through thin walls of blocks. After Ocram's health is reduced to half, it switches to its second form, during which its damage doubles and Servants of Ocram continue spawning. However, now that the cult, the pillars, and Moon Lord is getting added into those versions, how would Ocram fit in? Darkness I've tried it during the day and at night. Sort by . This can sometimes prove helpful to players using melee or short ranged weapons. After damaging it to 50% health, it will (like most bosses) switch into its second form, where it continues to summon servants, but will charge constantly and the lasers change to a purple, more deadly laser which begins to spread … It seems to be his gem or nose. Soon Ocram should go down in about a minute and a half. Storm Flares are required as ammunition, and will only be consumed on a successful use. Queen Bee shares its boss theme with Ocram. Story 9: The Short Chase (Not) "What skull?" 65 (First form)20 (Second form) Ocram can only be summoned at nighttime and the player should summon it at exactly 7:30pm to maximize the time for this boss. A way for Ocram to fit into Terraria’s mobile version. Ocram is a reference to a programmer named Marco, who programmed Ocram himself. A good strategy for farming Ocram is similar to a form of Duke Fishron strategy. Settings. ~28 Spectral Arrows Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I have the skull that summons him but nothing happens when I use it. Cana nodded. Ocram / Silver 1 65LP / 41W 35L Win Ratio 54% / Anivia - 8W 7L Win Ratio 53%, Akali - 8W 4L Win Ratio 67%, Talon - 9W 2L Win Ratio 82%, Katarina - 4W 6L Win Ratio 40%, Warwick - … As of now, Ocram is still in Terraria for iOS and Android.

how to summon ocram

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