Unfortunately, the glacier is retreating, as are many in the Rockies, and the Salamander is now a separate glacier from the Grinnell. With Grinnell Glacier access restricted (Covid), we accessed via the Highline trail (Logan Pass visitor center), climbed to the Grinnell Overlook (via Garden Wall trail), and returned via the Loop trail (to the Loop parking lot for pickup). Swiftcurrent Lake Like this article? We were looking forward to this hike because it was just two days earlier that we were looking down on it from the overlook on the Highline Trail. 4. Rate this Adventure Grinnell Glacier: Is another epic hike in Glacier.  - Out-and-Back Trail. Nearby Hiking Trails. Grinnell Glacier Comparison 1938 vs 1981 . EnjoyYourParks Blog     I     Suggested Itineraries     I    Gift Shop    I     Our Favorite Businesses    I    Images For Sale    I    Contact Us    I    About Us, The Grinnell Glacier Overlook is a very special place that is thousands of feet above the Grinnell Glacier in, . If you haven't even been to the park before, it is a great way to see it for the first time, which was the case for me. As mentioned in the hiking section, the 7.6 mile hike via Grinnell Glacier Trailhead offers spectacular, breathtaking views of the Many Glacier area as you climb 1,600 feet in elevation. The Outbound works best with JavaScript enabled. Rate this Adventure 1.2 miles 1000 ft gain ... Overview The Many Glacier Campground is located on the east side of Glacier National Park, at an elevation of approximately 4,500 feet. You're standing on an impressive notch on the Continental Divide overlooking (you guessed it) Grinnell Glacier and the various turquoise-colored lakes that it feeds. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/montana/grinnell-overlook-via-granite-park Flying over Glacier National Park in a small airplane is an epic way to see the beautiful scenery of this National Park. The entire Highline Loop is 11.8 miles roundtrip and the elevation gain is about 800 feet {not including the optional Glacier Overlook spur trail}. This really was a great spot to get out a picnic lunch, bathing suits, and just hang out for a while before making the hike back. A steep hike up to the Grinnell Glacier Overlook in Glacier National Park puts you at the top of the Continental Divide. The huge mountain directly above Grinnell Glacier is the iconic. The hike is extremely strenuous due to the constant incline and quick rise in elevation up this rocky trail. Swiftcurrent Lake Lake Josephine. The route is rou... Backpack from Glacier NP to Waterton Lakes NP. But it was 100% worth it. TY! The hike to the overlook is STEEP, gaining 1,000 feet in 0.6 miles, but it's well worth it as the views from the top are phenomenal. 1000 ft gain The trail winds through thick tree growth with Please explore responsibly! ... You can also see the people hiking the Grinnell Glacier trail up on the mountain surrounding the lake. The Grinnell Glacier Overlook is a very special place that is thousands of feet above the Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park.The view from this overlook is absolutely spectacular, and it's very much worth the hike up the Highline Trail on the Going-to-the-Sun Road at Logan Pass to see it. Granite Park Chalet via Highline Trail and Granite Park. The hike is jam packed with jaw-dropping views including those of Lake Josephine, Mount Gould, Grinnell Falls, and the massive eastern face of the Garden Wall. ! Grinnell Lake is either an 8 mile hike from the historic Many Glacier Lodge or a 3 mile hike if you elect to ride the boat across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. Park at the Big Bend, and begin climbing on the climbers trail that leaves from the East side of the road. See evidence of glaciers all around. The hike is outlined in green below: Getting Here. This route is much steeper though, and you'll want to save your energy for the overlook trail itself. Once you reach the top, congrats! A forward facing light is also recommended to s... Day 1: This gorgeous backpacking adventure begins at the Packer's Roost trailhead, which is almost halfway between West and East Glacier on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Comments. Hiking info, trail maps, and 9 trip reports from Grinnell Glacier Overlook (7,516 ft) in Montana. Learn More About: Glacier. The route to hike into Grinnell Glacier is located in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park. Below are Grinnell Glacier, at the base of Mount Gould, Upper Grinnell Lake, and Salamander Glacier, on a rock shelf almost directly below the overlook. Hidden Lake Overlook. Hidden Falls is a short side-trail off the main Grinnell Glacier trail, but only a 0.2-mile walk will bring A climbers trail from above the Weeping Wall near Haystack Butte can also be used to approach which further reduces the distance to about 4.5 miles. Answer 1 of 4: What is the distance from Logan Pass to GG overlook? Make sure to stay alert for traffic coming up and down the road. This trailhead is marked on the highway before you get to the "Loop." It is a day long hike along the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. The Grinnell Glacier hike starts at the Many Glacier Hotel. There are two ways to get to this trail. After you park, you’ll need to cross the road on foot to start the hike. On the trail map, the overlook is in the area of the switchbacks - the shot below was just before the switchbacks. With Grinnell Glacier access restricted (Covid), we accessed via the Highline trail (Logan Pass visitor center), climbed to the Grinnell Overlook (via Garden Wall trail), and returned via the Loop trail (to the Loop parking lot for pickup). The Grinnell Glacier Overlook trail can also be approached from Logan Pass via the Highline Trail which includes about 7 miles on easy trail and significantly less elevation change. At roughly 7.75 miles hikers will finally reach Grinnell Glacier Overlook. DIFFICULT 12.6 mi. Grinnell Glacier has reduced in size by more than 40% in just over 50 years. And it sucks. From the overlook, you will get an excellent view of the retreating Grinnell Glacier, Upper Grinnell Lake (complete with floating icebergs) and Mount Gould which rises to an elevation of 9551 feet. You may even spot a mountain goat or two hanging out at the overlook. Grinnell Glacier in the Many Glacier area is possibly the most famous of all the glaciers in Glacier National Park — and for good reason. Great view of Grinnell Glacier but challenging hike up and down. Preferred route: Start the Highline Trail at Logan Pass. Overview 2. Return the way you came, and remember to practice Leave No Trace principles. The view from this overlook is absolutely spectacular, and it's very much worth the hike up the, The Grinnell Overlook Trail branches off the, The semi-frozen lake just off Grinnell Glacier is Upper Grinnell Lake. Like This Site? The Grinnell Glacier trail begins in the Many Glacier area of the park by Swiftcurrent Lake. © 2020 The Outbound Collective - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Elevation 7600 feet, at the crest of the Garden Wall. The trail follows Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine ascending to view Grinnell Glacier. There is a steep side trail up from a point on the highline trail just south of Granite Park Chalet to this point, which offers dramatic views down on the East side. Elevation Gain: 2,370 ft Start Time: 7:14 am Duration: 6:24 hours. Home Page   I   Glacier Park    I    Top Ten Things To Do    I    Glacier Park Hikes/Places    I    Where to See Animals     I     Views from the Summits We're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the modern outdoors. This trail goes by Granite Park Chalet. The glacier in the foreground in the photo below is known as The Salamander. Hike to Grinnell Glacier Overlook via Highline Trail. Seasonal Popularity. Elevation Gain: 250 Feet; Location: Many Glacier Area; Hidden Falls is located along the trail to Grinnell Glacier in the Many Glacier Area of Glacier National Park. On Google Maps, it is labeled “Grinnell Glacier Trailhead.” There is a small parking lot here. ... Jackson Glacier Overlook. Gould. Visible by a very challenging day hike from the Many Glacier area; 5.1 miles one way via Grinnell Glacier Trailhead ; 4.5 miles one way via concessioner boat from Many Glacier Hotel ; 1,600 feet of elevation gain; Grinnell is perhaps the most famous glacier in the park Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Click here for an overview map of the trail. Take your time and drink plenty of water as this part of the trail is entirely exposed, like much of the Highline Trail. A Grizzly Bear Spotted on the Grinnell Glacier Trail. Grinnell Glacier: Grinnell Glacier Hike - See 649 traveler reviews, 733 candid photos, and great deals for Glacier National Park, MT, at Tripadvisor. In Glacier National Park, one of the most popular and rewarding trails takes hikers to Grinnell Glacier, which sits at about 6,500 feet, nestled into the crook of the mountains behind it.. Or you can hike up a challenging spur trail off of the equally popular Highline Trail and gaze down on this amazing glacier from above.. Gould, the Continental Divide and Grinnell Lake. The path to get to Grinnell Glacier Overlook is a grueling half a mile (ish) that will have you gain about 1000 feet in elevation. Hike 6.8 miles on a pleasantly gradual trail to get to the overlook trail. It's a detour that should not be skipped! The ‘Other’ Overlook (aka The Grinnell Glacier Overlook from the Highline Trail) In theory, this overlook doesn’t exist. Using binoculars, you can see hikers taking a break at the top of the Grinnell Glacier hike. If you find yourself in Glacier National Park on the Highline Trail, a magnificent hike on its own, you should definitely push yourself to hike the extra 0.6 miles up to the Grinnell Glacier Overlook. The Highline Trail begins at Logan Pass along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Driving Instructions from St. Mary’s, Montana: Drive over Logan Pass to either The Weeping Wall or The Loop. Be the first to leave a review! Grinnell Glacier Trail Elevation Profile & Photos. Helmets and flashing red, rear lights are required when biking at night in Glacier National Park. Elevation Gain: 625 feet. Ride the boat! Have you done this adventure? Explore both sides of the notch as they'll each offer different views. Tip: If you're not quite up for the challenge to get to the glacier, cut this hike short at the Grinnell Lake overlook as seen below.

grinnell glacier overlook elevation

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