Why should curing not be done by ponding and polythene sheets? This type of slump leads to segregation and bleeding. 121. Tensile Strength for a Bolt is determined by applying a Force along it long axis. How did street originate in the plumbing term street ell? They are probably best known for designing bridges, interstates, skyscrapers, canals, and so forth. 30. Employers will want you to have a degree in engineering or a construction-related discipline." For secure landfill, there are 4 critical elements. 24. They were built too steep and did not have the base structure as seen in the great pyramid. Gold mines in South Africa go a few kilometers below the surface. Excavations are braced to prevent the cave-in of surrounding unstable soil. If you have water pressure and wish to maintain it, do not cause flow in the line, which will reduce pressure due to friction. Where a contractor guarantees for payment to the owner if he fails to pay for all labor, materials, equipment’s or services in accordance with the contract. Civil Engineering Interview Questions Civil Engineering has gained more prominence unlike before with the emerging interest of people in well planned, creative and beautified construction needs. Purpose of the gap in the road is to allow the road to expand and contract with temperature changes without causing damage or deformation to the road. Home PDF 50 Interview Questions & Answers for Firefighting Engineer - 1/15/2018 04:30:00 PM Before you apply for a firefighting engineer job you need to read a … Concrete, a possible alternative, has less compressive strength than steel. Take for example the general E value of mild carbon steel is about 200 Gpa compared to about 70 Gpa for aluminum. 56. plain concrete, the effect of water seepage is very little (depending upon the grade of concrete) whereas for RCC (reinforced cement concrete) water that seeps in corrodes the reinforcement and thus reduces the life of the structure. The methods that are involved in saving the shrinkage of the concrete includes: 0.61 * d2, where d is the diameter of the pipe in inches. Since the cement itself is usually a powder, it is hard to measure a standard value for its specific gravity. Why are separation membranes used between concrete pavement slab and sub-base? What are the strongest shapes in building? How you can turn off the display for dimension in CAD? Accelerated consolidation of disturbed mud: In this method surcharging loads are placed on top of the mud waves. Define What is diversion tunnel in a dam? The definition has since changed, but one statute mile equals about 1609 meters. Shingling is a traditional weather proofing method for building. Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Book pdf – The branch of Mechanical Engineering has always been an evergreen favorite among students who have taken up Engineering as their desired field of study. Most Asked Technical Basic CIVIL | Mechanical | CSE | EEE | ECE | IT | Chemical | Medical MBBS Jobs Online Quiz Tests for Freshers Experienced. How did the Romans get water up hills using aqua ducts? Some Common Questions asked in every interview are as follows: 1) Introduce Yourself and tell me about your achievements (if any). The distances quoted are for the surface of the earth at mean sea level. It has to do with the design of the bolts. 150. sir my email id is [email protected] The moment of inertia measures the opposition any kind of body will have against a certain momentum (along that same axis) trying to rotate that body. — It does not float. With the help of two, it was possible to do multistory buildings in the world. They are backed to the wall with brackets. How is the Leaning Tower of Pisa supported? Normally, the columns and beams are generally fabricated off site and assembled on site. 47. Therefore one second of arc would be 6080 / 60 = 101.3 feet or 30.886 meters. They are closely related, but they are different concepts. please send me pdf of this information with answer. Buildings and bridges area unit usually the primary constructions that come back to mind, as they’re the foremost conspicuous creations of structural engineering, one in every of civil engineering’s major sub-disciplines. The responsibilities of a construction manager are. While he did not build the structure (he died in l959), there is some evidence the idea was suggested under a different name (Illinois Building) by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the few true skyscrapers in which he had a role. What year was the keystone power plant in Indiana County constructed? 5. • Tally System What is Architect-Prepared Contract? 8. What are the advantages? Define What is the tallest man made structure in the world? 35. Also if a proper selection of the aggregate grading can vastly improve the concrete pump ability. One nautical mile is defined by one latitude minute of arc (there are 60 such minutes to a degree). It also affects the durability of it. Similarly, not many of us appear to fret regarding what happens to the water once it’s served its functions. The interviewer is asking this question to … so there area unit the less visible creations of civil engineers. Special thing in designing a overhead reservoir ? Ponding is not preferred for curing as this method of thermal curing is greatly affected by cold winds. … While every engineering and IT organization is built differently, there are a few common questions you can expect during an SRE interview. wth basic knowledge ///// Abhishek sharma 09-1-2016 04:20 AM interview questions Sir very useful questions of civil site engineer for fresher and experience persons Nazeer 08-30-2016 02:57 AM civil engineering basics Define What is rigging? Many people and organizations are confused about the difference between quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing. If you took cement and mixed it with water, you would eventually have a hard lump of useless cement and it would also have a specific gravity of between 2 and 2.4. What is the difference between absorption & adsorption and sorption? How do you compute volume of airflow? 14. They are as follows: True Slump: This type of slump is characterized by the general drop of the concrete mass evenly without visible signs of deterioration or disintegration. Some candidates may answer from the gut and with passion when describing how they decided to major in this area of specialty. The components of a typical waterproofing system on the roof of a pumping station are as follows: 157. What is the quantity of cement in Mix M20 concrete? The levels of the horizons are chosen to intersect the maximum number of seams the maximum number of times. What is the difference between engineering stress and true stress? 70. Below are some common interview questions for engineers, along with some guidance on how to answer them. In the slip joints the aggregates inside the half-rounds channels enables some vertical movements. Am during BE final Year in NSN college of engg and tech …… sir i want all civil engineering interview questions…. Flashing is installed at the intersecting roofs, walls and parapets. Therefore, the relationship between degrees of longitude and the distance spanned on the earth’s surface is reduced as the poles are approached. So, positioning of reinforcement would be the same as an a normal beam. The aqueduct builders construct a series of canals, elevated channels, and tunnels as required to get the water from the source to the end users. With seasonal and shrinkage movements, some cracks are designed to voluntarily occur on the floors of the service reservoirs. In case if concrete box girder bridges how is the number of cells determined? A more useful question is “What is the typical density of concrete?” A rule of thumb answer is that normal cured concrete has a density of about 150 pounds per cubic foot. 101. Elastomeric bearings always require a large bearing surface so that a compression is maintained between the contact surfaces in between the piers and the bearings. 198. Inca farmers in coastal valleys built irrigation aqueducts from sources higher up in the Rockies. Absorption also refers to the process by which the energy of a photon is taken up by another entity, for example, by an atom whose valence electrons make transition between two electronic energy levels. its my mail id [email protected], sir can you send me question and answer of diploma level because I am preparing interview for Jr. civil engineer can you email me [email protected], Sir I am preparing for abroad jobs specialised in building constructions , could you pls email related que and ans in PDF format.I will be highly thankful to you.pls email me – [email protected], Your email address will not be published. Native American cultures in Phoenix area built irrigation canal systems that diverted water from sources at higher elevations to irrigate their crops. The original design for the Illinois Building would have topped off at 5,280 Feet! What are the skills required to become an architect? Here you can find Civil Engineering interview questions with answers and explanation. Adsorption is similar, but refers to a surface rather than a volume: adsorption is a process that occurs when a gas or liquid solute accumulates on the surface of a solid or, more rarely, a liquid (adsorbent), forming a molecular or atomic film (the adsorb-ate). In order to rectify and reduce these effects, generally the proportion of the cement is increased in order to increase the cohesion , which leads to the reduction of segregation and bleeding. 83. Many steppe pyramids were built but were too steep and as the corners eroded, the whole pyramid fell under its own weight. This equals 1852 meters, and roughly (but coincidentally) 2000 yards or 6000 feet. The major steps involved in the process of concreting are as follows: Questions have practical as well as theoretical approach and discussion in forum option is good for explanations so that one can understand them easily and conceptually. In such cases the length of the upper plate is equal to the length of the length of the bearing + irreversible movement + 2 x reversible movement. The major problem due to pumping are segregation effects and bleeding. The worlds tallest man made structure is Burj Dubai which is 800 meter tall. What are moment of inertia and its importance in civil engineering? 1/8 on the ruler is infact a scale that converts 1/8 inch on to the drawing to 1 foot. 15. 172. (Edit: actually, a standard nautical mile is 6076 feet, 6000 feet and 2000 yards are commonly used approximations, but produce an error of about 1%). However, almost any interviewer will ask questions to assess your technical abilities and personal qualities. For example, the pressure variation below the depth of soil is linear and the relation is given by pressure = unit wt * depth. What is the withdrawal force of steel nails? Be ready to ace your interview by having your answers prepared in advance. Noob. Civil means like, when you do not get on with someone, but only talk when you have to. 142. 41. Define the various stages of the project planning process in construction. Pretty good if the outside hose is a lot lower than the inside hose. Cement is usually purchased as a powdery substance that is mixed with sand, aggregate, gravel, and water to form concrete. [email protected] Alternatively, if you are with someone who is of your both friends and family, you do not ruin it for them. But getting into civil engineer jobs is not easy.. On social networking if you are sharing stuff of this site or documents then you have to credit back to us with sharing our link. Depends on many factors – like in-ground vs above-ground – but both is a good answer – in-ground an empty pool has to withstand the force of the earth pushing on it. How do you calculate the power of a centrifugal pump? Since water weighs about 62.4 pounds per cubic feet, concrete is about 2.4 times as heavy. An ‘off-ramp’ from the freeway to the bridge is constructed, as is an ‘on-ramp’ to the subsequent road. Concrete is 150 lbs. Others may offer a more pragmatic or mechanical response. In the case of normal fencing’s upon vehicle crashes the fencing’s give away so as to absorb as much energy as possible henceforth reducing the impact on the vehicles. Yes. The soil particles get pumped out through the joints on the application of traffic loads. Are cruise ships built for the transatlantic run? For a washout valve why are two gate valves required in normal practice? 37. On a per pound basis, steel pipe is stronger in bending and is less likely to buckle in axial compression. After clicking the below "Download Civil Engineering Interview Questions" button you must have to stay for a couple of seconds to process and complete your request. 149. For the first time in its history, it is no longer moving. Instead if lean concrete is used for carriageways it greatly increases the strength of the roads and the load carrying capacity of the roads is increased. Forces in a Shear Wall are in plane or out of plane ? How long does it take concrete to harden? They prevent, or slow down erosion, and stop long shore drift. 92. Your email address will not be published. Pull out tests are performed for primarily the following reasons: 164. Name various authorities or workers on a construction site? Leave a Comment . In addition, since cement is usually not used by itself, knowing its specific gravity is not particularly useful. Below are some common interview questions for engineers, along with some guidance on how to answer them. The force exerted to the Tacoma narrows bridge was initially the wind resistance. Can a wave happen in the middle of the ocean like in the movie Poseidon 2006? Define What are the uses of alloys in daily life and how are alloys made? A Civil foremen duties/responsibilities is inspect on sides and management of each work on side and labor work, work quality also record of all work and each labor man & control work on time,on side accident, machines,material,tools. The most important part of preparing for an interview is to be aware of what kind of civil engineering interview questions might be thrown in your direction. Respected Sir, Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Download pdf. Sir. What is the biggest dam in America? Therefore, the person weighs more than the amount of water that he will displace. What is the tensile strength of marble? Drive carefully. 129. Shear Slump: It indicates that the concrete mix is deficient in cohesion. How high should the water tank be to provide a 60 PSI at base of this water tower? If you are referring to common measurements used on a construction site, a “yard” is a common abbreviation for a “cubic yard”, which is a unit of measurement of volume. The washout valves are primarily used for normal maintenance works such as that of water main. 182. In case of long structures particularly long span structures once the structures have attained enough strength to support themselves it is essential to provide them with propping as creep deflection can take place which can greatly reduce the integrity of the structure. Alternate bid is the amount stated in the bid to be deducted or added from the base bid amount. (A cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet.) Why is the statue of liberty made of copper? As far as only concrete is concerned i.e. Don’t just choose examples from your degree – pick ones from different areas of your life. It allows faster curing process and results in faster recovery. There are a lot of different types and load cases for wood, so there is not one answer to this question. For what building Built-on balconies are preferable? 81. To achieve the perfect balance the test nails should always be loaded so that the ultimate soil/grout mixture with an upper limit of 80%. Define What is the distance between railway tracks? They can tell you what works and what will not for all sorts of situations. What are the advantages of building a dam on the river Nile? Usually bricks do not grow, but since stuff gets all over, it looks like it grows. This page provides all MCQs in the 20000 Civil Engineering area in PDF format. Cement/rebar slabs are built and lifted with cranes to form the platform, and voila! They have to have a good solid understanding of how the environment works and how nature interacts with man made. Congratulations on getting called for that all-important, career-changing civil engineering interview. Interview question Sir I clear test in civil engineer plz send me important question which asked in interview i have never face any interview regarding this plz help me Ranbeer Singh 02-25-2017 01:37 AM Job interview Questions Sir,Iam pursuing my Civil Engineering this is my last year of my engineering. If it floats it is less dense than water, 62.4 lbs/cubic ft. Wood is about 40 lbs/ cu.ft.–it floats. and for Design Mix it can be optimized to 510 kg per cum. Even with a steady demand for engineers that's expected to continue for the foreseeable future according to Bureau of Labor Statistics' projections, it's still important to be well-prepared for your interview since equally qualified candidates are vying for the same job. In general there are three different types of slumps that occur in slump tests. A good reference for material strength data for most species and grades of commercially available wood can be found in the American Institute of Timber Construction handbook. 21. The display of your dimensions can be turned off in CAD for that you have to go under Floor Plan View and follow the following steps. In 1995, I crossed the Atlantic from New York to the Azores on the Royal Princess (which was not the same ship as the current Royal Princess), which was about one-fourth the size of the QM2. From the below table links, a candidate who is preparing SSC JE, GATE, IES ESE and other state-level JE AE Exam can download Civil Engineering Objective MCQ PDF Download. 38. But it is very easy to determine the portion of the length of the element where tension is at the top and where it is at the bottom, by studying the bending moment diagram of the element. In the Bernoulli equation, the pressure term is omitted, and the height and velocity terms are the only ones included. Normally, a central prestress is provided in which the compressive stress at all points of bridge cross section is equal. (b) Wet covering of surface: can be cured by using the surface with wet gunny bags or straw This leads to the weakening of the concrete surface and it can crack easily upon intense traffic loads. Cantilever balcony are usually unsupported and extend outwards, so the problem with Cantilever balconies are. (a) Spraying of water: on walls, and columns can be cured by sprinkling water. Please send me these interviews question answer. 57. Home » CIVIL ENGINEER Questions » CIVIL ENGINEERING Interview Questions, civil engineering interview questions and answers pdf download for freshers experienced civil engineer book entrance questions. The insulation board helps in the maintenance of a stable temperature in both weathers. What are the steps involved in the concreting process, explain? 88. civil engineering interview questions and answers pdf download for freshers experienced civil engineer book entrance questions 2020 Skip to content Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf free download. (Note that the “process of executing a system” includes test planning prior to the execution of the test cases. 50. 75. 87. As the seams are intersected, headings will be driven into the seam so that the desired material may be extracted. Is responsible for execution of all construction activity allowed to him & he should take responsibility towards all scope of work under him. The considerable capital outlay of driving horizons before production can begin is recouped by the advantage of having long straight level roadways of generous dimensions unaffected by the crushing effect of nearby extraction of the mineral. The pillars, 79. Roof ice dams are an annoying source of roof damage, leaks, and heat loss in the winter. 55. 115. 137. Civil Engineering Interview Questions And Answers Global Guideline . 17. When fluids are at high velocities the pressure head of fluids reduce accordingly. In the design of bridge arguments what considerations should be made to select the orientation of the wing walls? Alloying can be carried out using hot press method (a sheet of material is sandwiched with alloying material), rolling the heated base metal in a drum full of alloying metal powder, using hot spraying, galvanizing (dipping the base in a molten solution of alloying material) etc. Civil Engineering Interview Questions ; Question 6. It is used to measure the consistency of the concrete. each time you open a water tap, you expect water to return out, doltishly that civil engineers created it attainable. • Premier construction software Dams are built to control flooding downstream during the wet season, generate power year round, and provide irrigation in the dry season. In biology, Stress is something that disrupts homeostasis of an organism. What are the applications of modulus of elasticity? Reply Link. When the downstream valve is installed the branched out water main contains water under normal operation. Answer : As a protection against falling objects, and striking the head on structures. What is BMC stands for in BMC Software? Download PDF Add New Question Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers will guide your now that Civil engineering is a professional engineering and discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. It is a payment done by owner to the contractor; it is a difference between the completed work and material stored and a pre-determined schedule of values or unit costs. For what purpose bedding is used under storm water drains, explain? 179. what is Brick crushing strength(PSI)? 39. In addition, the folks who lived near the tower in the direction it was leaning have returned to their homes and do not have to sleep with an eye and an ear open. These are called “blue-top” stakes. Pls send questions and answers for civil engineering interview. Civil Engineering Interview Questions And Answers in pdf.visit for more Civil Engineering Interview Questions And Answers to download in pdf format. The yield point determines the limits of performance for mechanical components, since it represents the upper limit to forces that can be applied without permanent deformation. Define What is the tensile strength of wood? Kindly send me on [email protected], Sir,i am final year student…This questions are help full for my interview..Please send this all question my email…Plz sir, Please send me civil engineering fresher’s interview question in my mail sri, sir, Though it is not finished yet, the Three Gorges (or Sandapong) Dam on the Yangtze River in China will take over as the largest upon its completion, which is slated for 2009. What does a construction cost covers and what does not? Civil Engineering questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Critical Path Method is strategy and method of representing the respective tasks and activities involved in the construction through a symbolic diagram. Machineries were created to speed up the construction structures. Example values of tensile strength vary anywhere from 175 pounds per square inch for Utility Grade pine to 1400 PSI for Dense Select Structural grade Douglas Fir. How many bricks are there in 100cft? This video presents some frequently asked civil engineering interview questions along with answers. George T. Sampson, 76. Free ebook Top 52 construction site engineer interview questions with answers 1 2. Usually, it is issued by the architect or owners representative. Which architectural movement is also known as Jazz Moderna? Actually, drying is not directly linked to hardness in concrete. What is the difference between QA and QC? This is not possible to maintained in high load and rotation environment. Projection line is the way, in which the earth is shown on a flat piece of paper. List out the potential risk factors for workers on the construction site? Zoning permit is a document issued by governing urban authority permitting land to be used for a particular purpose. For instance, a sponge absorbs water when it is dry. 174. Don’t plan Kitchen Island if it makes your kitchen more congested. For the preparation for interview your questions and answers are very help full for me. 12. Define What is a kip? the places where capillaries are formed, with even slight amount of stress that portion comes out and exposes the steel to the atmosphere. This can be like to allow water to flow out during the cleaning of the water main. The input power, that is, the power required to operate the pump should be stated in Hp (horsepower) on the pump’s nameplate. This method of mining requires a thorough understanding of the geological structure of the area to be mined so that the level of the horizons can be chosen for optimum results. Horizon or horizontal mining can be applied to extraction of material from seams of any stratified mineral such as limestone or ironstone, but it is more usually associated with coal – particularly where there are several seams that are inclined or folded and/or faulted. These questions are chosen from the various technical interviews conducted by the reputed construction companies. 64. 42. Depending upon the type of element and loading, tensile stresses may not be on the same (top or bottom) edge of the section. The use of cement as a construction material is since the turn of the last century, improvement in the field increase by the use of steel elements in the construction of buildings and bridges of various types. Will Water damage concrete? the big apple town has one in every of the world’s most spectacular water system systems, receiving billions of gallons of high-quality water from the mountain chain over 100 miles away. And which subjects should I study for interview I am in final year now, sir please send pdf for civil field question & answer to my mail Based on the soil properties, that can be determined on site and in the lab, design the appropriate foundation for the structure. Art nouveau. Describe briefly the various methods of concrete curing. So technically, even the Romans were not able to get water to flow “up a hill”. One nautical mile is 6080 feet or 1853.2 meters. 103. where will be the reinforcement of slab placed when there is an inverted beam and the bottom of the beam and slab are at same level ?

civil site engineer interview questions and answers in pdf

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