Augmented reality makeup “mirrors” have been a fixture in Sephora and other cosmetics retailers for several years. Facebook Messenger bots that support augmented reality features. Therefore, we’ve compiled ten of our favorite augmented reality marketing examples. Right now, people will stop and look at AR-inspired experiences, regardless of the campaign's overall quality. AR marketing analysts are already savvy to the opportunities offered by this technology. By connecting their users with live social media content, Taco Bell successfully used AR to cultivate a stronger sense of community. It’s amazing. By using augmented reality and other techniques and technologies to market causes and practices just as they do products, advertisers can help to save the planet. [8] [94] … Hope you enjoy! But with Augmented Reality, every form of marketing can now be transformed into an interactive experience. Augmented Reality … Augment – Enterprise AR PlatformSource: In Buenos Aires, that is exactly what happened. Despite slow integration … We Are Here to Discuss, 10 Real World Examples of AR Marketing Success. To market season two of the Netflix original series Stranger Things, the streaming company launched a series of AR/VR lenses on Snapchat. AMC Theaters, understanding their audience is most interested in upcoming movie trailers when they’re at the movies, incorporated AR technology into their AMC app. Buying a lure to sit in one’s coffee shop or bar is the very essence of augmented reality marketing. Augmented reality: This is a term for basically placing content “into” the real world by way of, for instance, using your camera on your iPhone. on 7 Best Example Use Cases of Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns Microsoft is … Mixed reality: … Years ago, AR applications either existed only as a concept or had to be programmed from scratch at great … Accuvein is a product that digitally scans a person’s arm to identify veins. They pioneered the use of mobile pay, allowing customers to pay for drinks using their phones starting in 2011, years before the advent of Apple Pay. One of the more lighthearted augmented reality examples is PEZ Play, created by the candy company to gamify their collectible candy dispensers. Afterwards, a video of the bus shelter’s AR technology attracted over six million views on YouTube -- making it one of YouTube’s most viewed advertising campaigns. There’s a reason many women don’t buy makeup products online -- it’s impossible to know if you’ll like the lip color or foundation coverage if you don’t try it on, in-store. These examples should be all the inspiration you need to brainstorm and execute a brilliant long-term AR marketing strategy. The video below highlights just a few that were featured on apps like Facebook and Snapchat. Augment – A Versatile Platform for AR Marketing Apps. This enabled potential buyers to visualize their full experience before purchasing, and minimized the risk of paying for a subpar seat. At the end of 2014, the organization launched their take on augmented reality marketing. Max Reality uses AR to seamlessly integrate 3D imagery into televised weather news, bringing animated rain clouds, snowstorms, and even traffic maps and humidity graphs into the space formerly occupied only by a weather man or woman. One of their best marketing stunts used augmented reality. The production showcased Pepsi’s playful personality and provided the audience with an exceptional experience. Additionally, Modiface’s augmented reality technology can show users the effects of months of skincare on their skin -- a visual they won’t find in-store. “When it comes to augmented and virtual reality, it can only be successful if it’s truly useful,” Bridget told Glossy. 10 Examples of Augmented Reality in Retail 1. Of course, the app also allows customers to easily buy tickets for the film. At Universal Studios Orlando, park visitors can now engage directly with the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park franchise, including the upcoming Jurassic World 2. Yariv Levski Talks Business and Life Experience on Business Blast Podcast, Build a Better Future with Augmented Reality for Manufacturing, Show and Sell: Virtual Reality Advertising is Coming, and It’s Going to Be HUGE, In this article, let’s look at the definition of AR, four augmented reality best practices, … hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '9250c9ad-08a1-4f8c-8bc5-08b250052eb3', {}); Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has said that AR will one day be as important in our everyday lives as “eating three meals a day.” So, the question is -- how can your marketing strategy effectively capture an audience’s attention, once AR has become commonplace? They were one of the first to adopt online tracking and shipment creation, and have kept their website and other online features on par with competitors in the private sector like FedEx and UPS. That old standby of the local news broadcast, the weather, has shifted to include augmented reality in their presentations. Augmented reality blends real-world digital data capture typically with a digital camera in a webcam or mobile phone to create a browser-based digital representation or experience mimicking that of the real-world. Augmented Reality for Product Marketing 1. What is Augmented Reality. Jamba Juice takes the trend even further, giving players 10% off a purchase if they show their game to the cashier. In the interest of convenience and comfortability, Timberland created a virtual fitting room in Moktow Gallery in 2014. While you can find numerous Augmented reality campaigns, I have listed out 5 really innovative Augmented reality advertising examples for you. While fitting rooms might not be the end of the world (first-world problems? Trackers are the simple images that 3D models can be linked to in Augmented Reality. Augment really only does one thing, but it does it well. 10 Real World Examples of AR Marketing Success 1. Using the SIMulator app, mattress shoppers point their phones at products in store, and are treated to interactive animations that detail the materials and advantages of each piece of bedding. Some of the earliest cited examples include augmented reality used to support surgery by providing virtual overlays to guide medical practitioners, to AR content for astronomy and welding. Manufacturing: 3D augmented reality saves time and money In industries like the manufacturing … Bridget Dolan, Sephora’s head of innovation, appreciates the necessity of a long-term AR strategy. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '3ed01f51-19c6-407b-9e52-c5d5d3f5efea', {}); Originally published Aug 28, 2020 5:00:00 PM, updated August 28 2020, 8 Innovative & Inspiring Examples of Augmented Reality in Marketing. The Simmons Bedding Company, the company behind the popular Comforpedic and Beautyrest orthopedic mattresses, has successfully leveraged AR to help educate potential buyers on the selling points of their products. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. But behind every filter and moving element AR does the hard job of blurring the lines between digital and reality. We've done extensive research to find some of the best augmented reality marketing campaigns out there. It’s a really cool technology. In early 2012, the “Everylove on Every Cup” campaign turned every Starbucks cup into a Valentine’s Day card. … Augmented Reality (AR) is a dynamic new space with myriad possibilities for intelligent marketing implementations. Austrian consumers were given the fright of their lives after TV network, Sky Austria, partnered with out-of-home ad firm and JCDecaux subsidiary, Gewista, to promote its zombie hit TV show, The Walking Dead. Virtual Reality (VR) We’ve covered some ins and outs of augmented reality, but you may still be thinking, “all of this still sounds a lot like virtual reality.” Shisedio Makeup Mirror. Visitors used a dedicated Starbucks AR app to scan their cups and watch the design come to life, spreading wishes of love and the opportunity to purchase Starbucks gift cards. Examples of Augmented Products Apple TV. The results were tremendous -- StubHub saw app engagement more than double within one year. Man City – AR … The monetization scheme of the app, in which users could buy lures to attract Pokemon to specific regions, was a boon for local businesses. You can apply it in different reports from advertising ( ) and entertainment to education. Alternatively, augmented reality can be a remote view. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. When a user scanned the box with the Taco Bell app, they could see product-related Twitter and Facebook content on their phones. AMC’s app is a great update to the time-honored, if stale, tradition of wandering around a theater lobby looking at posters while waiting to enter the screening room. Deutsche Bank - Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign. Sephora understands this struggle, and created an augmented reality experience, Virtual Artist App, with ModiFace to ensure Sephora app users can see how makeup products will look on their face via their phone’s camera. If you’re going to use AR, you’ll want to brainstorm unique ways to help your customers avoid an otherwise burdensome process. Delivering a message when and where your audience wants to receive it is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy. Their platform is versatile enough to allow for trackers to be placed in print catalogs, for the purpose of “trying out” furniture or other items at home, or on more novel objects like stuffed animals, in the case of the wildlife park. Popular augmented reality examples and use cases in the business world 1. Best of all, Web AR technology makes it accessible to everyone without the need to download an app. For example, communications and marketing team members create … StubHub’s reliance on AR solved for a common customer problem -- as StubHub CTO Matt Swann points out, "We’re solving for real pain points, not just tech for the sake of tech. Augmented Reality in Marketing Apart from a few AR specific apps, an ideal example of augmented reality app is the popular social media platform, Snapchat. Decorating a home isn’t easy -- how do you know if you’ll actually like the yellow paint that looks beautiful online, but might be too bright in your bathroom? Examples always work better than definitions, so here are 3 to start. ), Timberland stands out as a helpful brand by offering customers a fun and useful alternative. Caroline Forsey Using AR, Modiface lets buyers “try before they buy”, simulating a full application of makeup or months of skin care in the space of a moment. One of the most popular tools used in AR marketing is the prosaically named Augment. Examples… The company has landed clients ranging from Samsung to Paradise Wildlife Park. The SIMulator app has been a great success, as many customers prefer to explore information at their own speed, rather than engage with sales personnel for their entire visit to a store. The company is able to work in any industry and market. is also doing similar stuff…. In 2014, Pepsi installed AR technology in a London bus shelter, making it appear as if a lion, UFOs, flying saucers, and other objects were headed straight for Londoners.

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